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Today's "5 Things I love" comes from Lauren who blogs at Three Pink Dots. I am so happy that she agreed to share with us 5 things in her home/closet that make her smile. Lauren is a fellow OSU alum turned blog friend. I am obsessed not only with her impeccable and glamorous home, but I also love seeing what she wears to weddings, tail gates, etc. because she has fabulous fashion sense as well!

Hello all you fabulous Main Street Chic-ers! I was beyond honored when Emily asked me to guest post on the ‘five things I love’ series. Just to throw it out in the beginning, the two most important things in my house are my hubby and Mr. Bo, the crazy dog I love.

Other than that, let’s get to it! Listed below are 5 of my favorite things in my house/closet.

1. Dorothy Draper Bar
Dorothy Draper is one of my favorite eras in design. To complete the ‘Mad Men’ style of the dresser we decided to turn the top of it into a bar. Who says you can only have a bar on a bar cart? Style your own bar on a small dresser or table anytime.This steal-of-a-chest was found on craigslist for $30, and after a trip to the ICU, the chest was re-born again!

2. Vintage framed scarf
When designing the space for my entry I really wanted a dynamite piece of artwork, but just couldn’t find the right one. While browsing through a vintage store in Wichita, I found a beautiful scarf of the Vatican, and had it framed. The structural piece of the architecture and soft colors welcome you into our home with peace.
Take any scarf you find with beautiful colors and lines and make your own art!

3. Purse
One of my favorite things in my closet, would have to be my Burberry purse. Given to me as a Christmas gift, I have been in love ever since. This purse is taken with me everywhere. No matter the outfit I have on, I always feel better with this on my arm. It’s a piece I know I will have a long time, and I love the classic monogram print. I also love the equestrian horses on it.

4. Vintage Car
We found this vintage monopoly-style car at an antique mall in Kansas City. It sits in (P)park on my husband’s bedside table, next to a photo of us in his dad’s vintage car leaving the wedding. One day it might just be darling in a baby boy’s room. (varoom-varoom)

5. Breakfast nook
Every morning I look at this table and pinch myself. How my mother found it on Cragislist, I’m not really sure. After a trip to the reupholster, the table and chairs are amazing and functional. The IKAT drapes draw your eye towards the nook as soon as you walk in the house. Fun.

Thanks again Emily for the opportunity to share! Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.

Thanks so much Lauren! You have such a unique style...can't wait to see what you do with your home next! If you are interesting in seeing more, head over to http://www.threepinkdots.com/!

xoxo, Emily


  1. Thanks Emily! It was so fun to play, thanks again for inviting me over. And your sweet comments, you are too great!

  2. Love the draper AND the framed scarf! I have so many things I want to frame... I need to get on that! So cute!

  3. Great post! I love the idea of using a scarf as artwork, also that bar is fabulous! I need to take some styling lessons from Lauren.


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