Thankful Thursdays: The Library


Call me old fashioned but I love public libraries. Each time I move to a new city one of the first things I do is get a library card, because I always have a reading list that is a mile long :)
What's not to love? You get to read a book before you decide if you want to commit to buying, it's kinda like book dating!  (sidenote- I am not a Kindle person just yet... I think I will always love having 'real' books on my shelves).

Not to mention, there is always excellent people watching.... we are talking right up there with malls and airports. AND you pay taxes for services like the library. And I am alllllllllllll about getting my money's worth!




I am especially thankful for libraries today because I am so excited to delve into my newest    check-out that I picked up yesterday: America's Queen, The Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (thanks for the suggestion Val!)

Now that I have rambled on and on... what are you thankful for today?

xoxo, Emily

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