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On the last episode of the Rachel Zoe Project, poor Jeremiah was tasked with decorating Rachel's new (7,000 sq. ft!) Hollywood home..... in under two weeks. I felt like the weight of the world was crashing down on my shoulders when I heard that timeline... so I can only imagine how he felt! Good thing he has a pretty solid background in the interior industry.

My interest was definitely piqued to see how it all turned out, so I was so happy to see a bit of it from this week's epsiode. I think Jeremiah did a fab job. You can find more pics here and here, but I just wanted to share my fav space, the formal living room.

I think that fireplace is SO interesting. I'm glad they didn't decide to paint it white (bc we all know RZ loves white). Also notice the lucite legs on the coffee table.

I wonder what those chairs feel like to sit in....

I think Jeremiah did an awesome job of balacing the masculine/feminine aesthetic, which is usually a compromise when it comes to couples :)

What do ya'll think?


  1. it looks great. I always love the all-white look, but I just don't understand how you can actually live in it, cleaning lady and house keeper and all...

  2. Totally agree!! Especially with a new baby...

  3. Hi! I always love the look of crisp white; the furniture is great and the fireplace is amazing!! My only thought would be to increase the scale of the lamps on the sofa table. For some reason, they seem a little out of proportion with the rest of the room.

  4. Crissy- great point! I totally agree with you!


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