Chouse dining room updates: Part 2


As I shared here, I have been making some changes to the dining room. I think I am done... for now.

Here is a run down of what I did:

# 1- Swapped out the crystals on the chandelier. The chandy had some red ones (yes... red) on it when we moved in. I wasn't digging them, so they got removed. I just got around to replacing them with some extras from my grandmother's chandy.

Old on left, new on right.

# 2- re-covered the chairs with velvet. Looooooove. See my inspiration here.

# 3- moved the skirted table in here. We really needed some more storage in this room. And also, with Thanksgiving dinner coming up, I think I am going to be really happy that we have an extra surface to set stuff on so I won't have to run back and forth to the kitchen. I also moved the message board upstairs and replaced it with a framed chalkboard paint message board. Like I said... I like to change stuff.

# 4- Added new art. As you can see, this project is only half done. Walgreens photo and I had a little mis-understanding (read- I wanted them to print my photos... they could not get this done for various reasons. Don't get me started). ANYWAY- I will be getting the pics for these frames soon. Here are the ones I am using:
Entrance to the Park.
The Chouse.
Also, gotta have some fall decor somewhere, so I have a little pumpkin/sweet gum tree spur action happening on the table. It's kinda creepy looking and I like it.

On to the next project! (should probably be finishing the powder room, but we shall see)

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