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Last week, I told you about my leopard tray extravaganza. Well, I have another DIY undertaking to share this week. And it's a good one.

My fab friend, Katie (yes, the same one from the other post), had some cubes that she wanted to recover. After getting some re-upholstery quotes, she decided to give it a go herself! And her first shot was pretty good! But when I was over at her house, we made the first one look even better with the use of a staple gun and hot glue gun. Those things are seriously magic, it made the cubes super tailored and I'm not trying to pat our own backs, but they seriously do not look DIY at all! So, I helped her re-cover the second one using our new found techniques and thought I would share with ya'll how to do it.

Just wanted to start with the finished product so you can see where we are heading... pretty good, right?

This is what we started with. Her two cats really love to lounge on the cubes (evidence below) and she and her husband use them for foot rests in their living room. So, since Katie really want to bring a little something something into her LR, she decided on this fab Dwell fabric.

Here's what we needed for this project:

-A yard and a half of fabric
-Stitch witchery aka hem tape
-Staple gun
-Glue gun
-Straight pins

First, lay the fabric good side down over the cube.

Then, use straight pins to pin the corners. Get as close to the cube as you can, it will result in a more tailored effect.

Trim the excess fabric.

On this step, you can either use the Stitch Witchery or, if you want to bust out the sewing machine, you can do that as well. We went for option A.

Put the Stitch Witchery in the fold and iron it to create the seams.

Remove the pins from the sides and lay it over the cube.

Next, we  used a hot glue gun to reinforce the seams. (do not judge the use of the hot glue gun- it will revolutionize your life and your crafting)

Then, staple the fabric to the underside of the cube.

And trim the excess.

To make the area around the legs look nice, we hot glued the fabric down even more. Like I said above- glue gun= life changer.

Ta da!

Don't worry, the cubes are totally kitty approved.

They really look amazing in Katie's LR! We are both so pumped about the results and I know Katie is pumped she didn't have to shell out major $$$ to get them done professionally. It's a win all around!

They look so good, I am wanting to pick up some cubes and recover them for somewhere in the Chouse... these Target ones would be a perfect "before." You would have to recover the top individually, but I think you would end up with the same effect.

Maybe in this fabric...

 Or this one..

The options are endless! So what do you think? Should Katie and I quit our day jobs and become upholsterers? I'm sure our techniques could use a bit of refining :)

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  1. Yes- become upholsteresses (sp?)! They look awesome!


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