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I realized that I had not done a Real Housewives Real Estate in a while and thought that Mary Schmidt Amons house would be a great one to showcase. Why? Well simply because it's AWESOME!! She lives in a wealthy suburb of D.C. A few she boasts as neighbors: Colin Powell, Ethel Kennedy and Dick Cheney.

Here is Mary in her living room... I love the easy going personality and seeing how her laid back attitude keeps her sane in dealing with both her friends and family. Does anyone know- is the RHODC coming back?? Or did those crazy Salahis ruin it for everyone?

Anyway- onto the house tour! Here is their family room. Love the cowhide rug and the doggie, obviously. A pet makes a house a home :) If you are interested in any of the items in Mary's house, you can find a source list here.

So nice to see the family showcased in the piece of art above the mantle in the dining room- such a sweet touch. Another sweet note- many of the paintings displayed throughout the home are the work of Mary's daughter- Lolly.

I would definitely classify Mary's home as 'grand', but all of the spaces don't feel too overwhelming. This is especially true in the kitchen. It looks like a true family kitchen- and I love the use of different barstools at the island. And of course, the carrera marble countertops are perfection.

The living room continues the elegant but comfortable feel...

And there's a Pucci chair. Fab. And a black/gold convex mirror. Double fab. Mary has some incredible heirlooms in her house. From the monogrammed lighter that belonged to Mary's grandfather to the antique sconces, I love the sense of history and the story behind the pieces.

The master bath is gorg. I do wish those mirrors were windows, though. Oh wells.

The infamous closet. I loved the trials and tribulations Mary went through trying to keep her daughter out of it... reminded me so much of my home growing up. I know there were a few times my mom wanted to kill me over invading her closet. Sorry Momma!

All images via here.
Mary has done a great job making her very traditional home contemporary and fun while still maintaining the classy vibe.

What you ya'll think? Do you have a favorite Real Housewives house?

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