Thankful Thursdays: Long weekends


Today, I am thankful for something I know everyone loves.... long weekends. Seriously, what is better than a long weekend? Welllllll that answer would be: a long weekend that includes going to my hometown, seeing college friends, spending time with family and tailgating.

I wish all tailgates were this stylish. Via here.
This evening, we are heading back to good ole Stillwater, Oklahoma for OSU's Homecoming. AKA America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration (not an exaggeration). I can't wait to be at my Momma's house, eat at my fav hometown restaurants, catch up with friends, don some gameday attire, etc!

So thankful to have a long weekend that is going to be SO much fun!

I hope you all have a great weekend as well-- see ya Monday!

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