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Random, but I wanted to share some of my upcoming movie obsessions. (and yes, JIC you were wondering, I do watch the previews over and over on YouTube. Not weird.)

This goes without saying... Breaking Dawn Part 1. There are really no words.

I just re-read the book in anticipation of November 18. Cannot get here quick enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, on to the next one. For my 26th birthday, I will be celebrating by seeing The Hunger Games. If you are not yet familiar with this amaze-ing book/trilogy, see my comments here.

Side note- I don't think that trailer is the 'official' one... but I liked it better. Due out: March 2012.

Another movie I am really looking forward to is The Vow. Comes out on Valentines Day next year. We will see if my love for Channing Tatum in Step Up can be superceded by Channing Tatum in this movie.

I saw a preview for "Like Crazy" in the theater and I think it's gunna be a good one!

And last but certainly not least is the remake of the Great Gatsby. Leo DiCaprio will be Gatsby and Carey Mulligan will be Daisy. Perfect. This one will come out November of 2012, so no preview yet. I don't now if it will be anywhere near as good as the original with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford, but I'm looking forward to finding out!

Kinda funny that 3 of the 4 are movies being adapted from books! And three of my favorite books at that. Can hardly STAND the excitement.

Anyway! What movies are you are really looking forward to seing? Are there any great movies coming out around the holidays I need to know about?


  1. Hunger Games!!! I can not waittt!!!!

  2. Eeeeee I know!! So excited!!!

  3. I am so looking forward to Twilight. Funny enough, so is my husband! I love that I got him into the series too!

    II'm hosting an Etsy store giveaway on my blog that I think you'll love. Hope you'll visit!

    Sara Cate

  4. Hey Sara Cate! You are so right- that giveaway is amazing!! Thanks for letting me know about it!


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