Chouse Powder Room Part 3


I worked on the powder room this weekend. Here it is...


I only got one wall painted.... because it took forever. Srsly. Forever.

But- onward with the tutorial! Here are the steps I followed. #1. Make a plan.

Step #2. Realize your measurements weren't worth crap and wing it.

Step #3. Measure and tape. Then measure and tape some more. Oh yeah. and then some more. I started at the top, and worked my way down. Every foot or so, I used a ruler to make sure the stripes were the same width (5 inches thick). Here it is all taped.

After that, I used an old credit card to make sure the tape edges were secure. Side note- I want to give a big shout out to Frog Tape. I love you!!!!!!

The next step is the one that makes ALL the difference in the world. After you get it all taped, paint over the tape your original wall color. That way, if there is any bleed through, its the same color as your wall. Genius. Big thanks to this tutorial for the tip.

Let it dry and then paint the stripes your other color.

Here is the outcome of my hard work.

Sorry for the sub-par pic.

Really, I am SO happy with the outcome and I think I am going to be obsessed once all 4 walls are finished. It just takes a really. long. time. Oh well, isn't there some quote about all good things taking time? Something like that? Whatever.

Here is the rest of the to do list:
- Finish the other three walls.
- Paint the molding/vanity??? <----still to be decided on
- Accessorize!
- I also think I'm going to paint that fug light fixture gold... I think it might help... or it could also be a disaster. There's just no telling.

Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. Looks amazing! LOVE the stripes - very impressive! :)

    being lovely

  2. Thanks, love! Hard work, but worth it, I think!


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