My first attempt at custom fabric


The November issue of Matchbook Magazine gave me a problem... It made me OBSESSED with the awesome b/w pillows on Kate and Andy Spade's couch.

I would looooooove to have these pillows in my home. The lions are so quirky and whimsical- I just adore them! The problem is, I cannot find the fabric ANYWHERE. I've found lots of pics of it used in the Spade's home, but no source list. Grrrrr. I even asked a friend who works in a showroom if she could place it. No luck. And did LOTS of internet searching. Still no luck.

So this girl (read: me) took matters into her own hands. After discovering Spoonflower a while back, I thought maybe... just maybe I could recreate this fabric myself.

So, I consulted "the book of knowledge" (aka Google) to find pictures of "lion for crest" and came up with this gem.
Then, I used MS Paint to create a mock-up of the original fabric and came up with this.

I call it... Lions!
Essentially, I just used the original image and rotated it and spaced them accordingly.

Then, I uploaded the JPG into Spoonflower. One thing that is super helpful about the site is it gives you a measuring tape next to your fabric so you can see how big your design will be once it is printed. It also gives you lots of printing options (repeat, center, etc). I had to play around in Paint a few times to get the lions how big I wanted them (about 3 inches high) and also to get the spacing right. I'm sure there's a more scientific way to go about this process, but whatevs.

I haven't ordered it yet, but I gotta say I'm pretty pumped about the whole thing!

Oh and PS, if you happen to know what fabric KS used, PLEASE tell me!!


  1. You should order that! Fabulous and one of a kind!

  2. I am thinking I will! You should def play around with the custom options on Spoonflower. It's so fun! And don't you love the idea of having a fabric no one else does?

  3. OMG! Love this - can't wait to see the finished product! :)



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