Pet portraits


It's no secret that I am a certified, kind of loony about it, over the top animal lover. This is my crazy flag and I wave it proudly. This love has been showcased a lot here in blog land, but most notably in the pet portrait I DIYed of my little nugget Daisy.

Since I feel every pet deserves a special place in the home they live in, I have made a few other pet portraits. I thought I might share them with you all...

Here is Teddy, the most stylish cavalier in Houston... well, he's actually the most stylish cavalier anywhere.

Jake, the super fun golden retriever that lives in Tulsa.

And Simon and Sebastian, two sweet kitties who live in my neighborhood in STL.

And of course, my little nugget Daisy, who turned 2 last week! Oh how time flies!

I think a pet portrait makes an awesome and so personal Christmas gift. If you are interested in trying one out, you can find my tutorial here.

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