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Today, we have Laura from The Steen Style sharing her "5 Things I Love." The Steen Style is such an inspiring blog- so full of great DIY ideas and updates on her own super cute home. Not only is Laura a fellow design and DIY enthusiast, she is a fellow OSU alum, Oklahoma-lover and puppy momma as well! We are definitely kindred spirits :)

Hey everyone, Laura from The Steen Style here. I am excited to do my first official guest post! Thanks so much to Emily for asking me to do this, I had a hard time narrowing down my five most favorite things that didn't include my husband, our dogs, family or friends! Of course, that is what everyone (hopefully) says are their five most favorite so lets get a little more superficial and I'll show you the five things in my home that I love the most, right now.

No. 1 - the updated fireplace. This was a huge eyesore when we first moved in and was changed within the first two weeks we lived here! I love looking at this spot now and enjoy changing up the decor on the mantel and in the bookshelves. To get a recap of what we have done, check out the before and after post here.

No. 2 - the entryway buffet. This was the first piece of furniture I made over and then made over again. I love how it turned out and it definitely is a perfect pop of color when you first walk in to the house! This is another spot that I have a blast changing up as I get bored and need an update. To get a recap of how this piece transformed from when we picked it up at Goodwill, check out the before and after post here.

No. 3 - the John Derian plates. This series, the English Seaweed series, is my new favorite and I'm excited to collect them all and then hang above the buffet in our dining room! I've met Mr. Derian in person and I think he is a doll. He was so sweet and personable, I would love to visit his store in New York! Here is my plan for these plates.

No. 4 - the wine cork mirror. I did this project on a cold weekend last January and still love looking at it in our kitchen! We keep all corks after we finish a bottle of wine (some months we collect more corks than others!) and when our jar was full, I decided to make something out of them. This was a very fun and easy project to do. You can see the transformation here.

No. 5 - my orange velvet blazer from J. Crew. Emily and I are both Oklahoma State alums so when I spot something that is the perfect OSU orange, I go crazy! I literally stalked this jacket from the time they started selling it late last summer so when it finally went on sale and then there was an extra discount offered, I jumped on it and saved $100! I can't wait to sport this to a football game this fall.

Thanks again, Laura! You KNOW I am loving that orange blazer :) Everyone be sure to check out The Steen Style!


  1. Love the cork mirror. My mom and I made a cork wreath this past Christmas similiar to the one here and we had the best time doing it!


    flaunt and repeat

  2. oooo I love that look! I might have to do something similar!


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