Skirted Table. Part 2.


Good morning! As an extension of yesterday, I'm continuing in the trim-themed posts today. In my original skirted table post, I mentioned that I might add some trim to it someday. Well 'someday' came to fruition last week, and I added some trim to it (RED, of course!)

Lovin it! After I saw this tutorial I knew I def. wanted to add trim. So I used it as a jumping off point, but in true-to-me fashion, I really just winged it!

Here's what I used:

Fabric glue, straight pins, and trim. Pretty simple.

All I did was start pinning. I hate to be like that, because I know its not really scientific... but I just played with what looked best and then pinned it in place.

I started with the first box of the Greek key detail on the right side...

Making sure I left enough room on the ends for the trim to extend down/across the skirt.

Then, I continued pinning, stepping back to make sure my lines were straight. As soon as I got done pinning the box on the left side (which I just eye-balled to make sure it was the same size as the right side), I realized my trim wasn't long enough to extend all the way down.

So, all I did to fix that problem was cut off the excess that was hanging down, and just end the box behind the horizontal stripe. Then, I cut another piece long enough to extend all the way, and placed the end behind the horizontal line so it would appear to be one piece.

 All pinned and ready for glue!

Next- glue! I left the pins in, and glued the space around them. Then, I let that dry for about 20 min. before I went back to take the pins out and do the rest of the gluing.

No judgement on the outfit, plz.

Originally, I was going to do the Greek key on the top and bottom, but I decided I liked the verticality that was created with the straight lines/vases. Also, the reds don't match perfectly, but I kind of like that.

This was one of those photo sessions that Daisy WANTED to be in the pictures for. Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

All in all, I think it's a great addition to the Chouse dining room!

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