Thankful Thursdays- the mountains


The mountains are definitely one of my favorite places to be...

Which is why I am so excited that this weekend, the Hubs and I are off on our annual ski trip to Keystone, Colorado. This trip is one of my favorite annual traditions- family, food, skiing, a little spa time... what could be better?

Well, the only thing that could make it slightly better is if I had this fab ensemble to take with me...

Hope you all have a great weekend!! See you all next week.

PS- Don't forget to check out Bex, who joins me in my attitude of gratitude every Thursday :)


  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend, have fun :)

    Laura xo

  2. So jealous of your trip! Have an amazing time and take lots of pics!!

  3. Keystone?! We have a cabin in Silverthorne and are up there pretty much every weekend. We are going up this Friday until Sunday afternoon!

  4. SO jealous you get to go up there so often! C and I feel lucky to make it there once a year!


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