How to wear: Mixed prints at a wedding


Today, I am blogging over at KLAW about how to wear mixed prints (aka my fav thing as of late) to a wedding. Attending LOTS of weddings every year is super fun, but it can make outfit selection difficult... mixing it up can definitely give you more outfit options!
(do I look super serious and fashion-y? ha!)
I'll be blogging at these sites periodically but I'll always share the links here on MSC. Hope you all have a great day :)


  1. Fabulous as always!! Thinking I might need those shoes...

  2. I think you DEF need them!

  3. Love how you mixed prints here! Perfect wedding attire. Florals and stripes are my favorite combo for mixing prints - I'm still perfecting the art though, haha!

  4. Thanks girl! I'll be checking your blog to see pics of how you are mixing it up!



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