Guatemala Getaway


Our trip to Guatemala was wonderful! I was so thankful to my Mom for taking me as a belated bday present to visit my sister, who has lived there for about 3 years. We spent time in Antigua, Guatemala City and at Lake Atitlan. The country is beautiful, and exploring a place that is so unlike where I live was a very enriching experience.

As I aluded to earlier this week, the only dark spot on the trip was when we were forced to get off of our plane home.... My mother was unfortunately very sick - food poisioning!- so, we had to wait another 18 hours or so for her to get better before we were allowed to fly :( BUT, we are home now and very thankful for America and the great getaway we had :)

This weekend, I am off again, but this time to Oklahoma for a very sweet friend's graduation celebration. Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Amazing pictures Emily! So jealous of your trip! Glad your Mama is feeling better
    xoxo, Sarah


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