the case for vintage


One thing I have always loved is vintage/thrift shopping. There is NOTHING better than the thrill of a great find. Vintage items make a space unique, interesting and most importantly, gives a home something not everyone else has.

Which is why I really don't understand when people don't 'get' having vintage or thrifted items in their homes. I have heard clients say that they just 'aren't into' older things. So I am here to make a case for vintage pieces. Often, people just can't take an item they see in a vintage store or on a CraigsList posting and see the bigger picture of just how CHIC it could look in a space.

Here are two examples, pulled from current St. Louis CraigsList postings.


Turns into this:

Or this:

 Or this:

Next example, these bamboo dining chairs:

Could end up looking like this:

Or this:

 Or this!

See what I mean? Sometimes, being able to see an item in a space and with the right styling can make allllllll the difference in the world. I'll probably do more postings like this, so let me know if you have ever found a vintage item that you are questioning! 

So what do you think? Am I making a vintage believer out of you yet?!


  1. I love this post! When I'm back, we are definitely meeting to do some thrift shopping - you have such a good eye for finding great pieces!

  2. I love shopping in thrift stores. Especially for kitchen items :)

  3. Great post, Em! Love it.

  4. Nice job on this post! That table... holy moly. That posting would have lasted but a hot minute in LA.


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