OMM: pelmet boxes


Pelmet boxes are on my mind today. I recently approached a client with the idea of using a great pelmet box/curtain combo in her open living and dining space and lucky for me - she loved the idea! And, lucky for them, her husband is going to MAKE THEM.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - a handy husband is worth his weight in gold.

Something about pelmet boxes makes a room just feel more finished and intentional. See? 

We will be shooting for a look similar to:


Just something simple and streamlined. Will definitely report back on this one :)


  1. I do love the first image it is delightful, a citrusy green and yes I agree the pelmets work wonderfully, especially in a traditional interior with high ceilings.


    1. yes- high ceilings definitely help the look!


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