client work: a room for books


Have been doing some work with one of my bestie's on her formal living room/library. Given that she is one of the most avid readers I know, it is only appropriate that her house have a space dedicated to reading and just general prettiness/relaxation/conversation. Perhaps with a Pride and Prejudice sitting room vibe..... not familiar? Here is a visual on that.

Here are some images that got our wheels spinning.

And here is what I came up with for her space:

She already scored the most amazing vintage tuxedo sofa..... that print! It speaks to me.

 Plan to do lots and lots of bookcases using this idea.

This chair (courtesy of the of sometimes awesome Tulsa CraigsList) would make a great desk chair. Paired with a white-lacquered-something-fabulous-yet to-be-found.

She's had a coffee table almost exactly like this one for a while. It totally gets to stay.

So-- this space is well on its way! And of course, there will be touches of brass, blue and white and great art to bring in some modernity.


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