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Here are my favs of the internet this week - know of anything good that I missed?

- The new Lonny came out this week and the "Young at Heart" house tour has me feeling quite inspired.

- Adding this and this to my already quite long 'to DIY' list.

- My favorite outfit that was shared this week.

- Itching to use this fabric somewhere.

- An article showcasing a different perspective on the huge "news" story of the week.

- Isn't this a really great art/mirror arrangement? Filed it away for future use!

- Thought this post was great. Don't be afraid to switch things up around your home and think outside the box!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I've got some painting projects on my list - fingers crossed for lots of progress.

Also - sending out happy happy birthday wishes to my sweet Hubs and wonderful sister today! So appropriate that two of my most cherished share a day of birth :)

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