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We've made it! Just a few more hours until the weekend. I'm headed to Dallas for a girls weekend and am looking forward to some great food, big laughs and catching up with great friends. Hope you have a great weekend planned! Until you can get to it, here are my favs of the internet this week.

- Got the most adorable vase recently - it's a modern take on a run of the mill bud vase. It's perfect for some roses and peony buds from the garden.

- This list is golden: 100 Wise Words For Everyone.

- As if my 'house wish list' weren't long enough, I am now adding new stair railing to it because of this Insta snapshot.

- Speaking of house wish lists, the Hubs and I started our kitchen renovation conversation this week. We are still a long way away from this project, but it never hurts to start the planning process early. And I never thought I would consider Ikea cabinets...  but because of this blog post, I just might!

- Have you seen my 'to aspire to' board on Pinterest? It is quickly becoming one of my favs, thanks to images like this. Proof that age can bring not only wisdom, but style as well :)

- I recently picked up some mule heels and have been wearing them nonstop. How do you feel about this style being back en vogue?

Happy Friday!

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