have you seen?


Hello friends! Wanted to make sure you've seen these things - my favs of the internet this week!

- Absolutely heartwarming. And perhaps the cutest lady ever?!

- Have you heard that Domino updated their image galleries with pics from 2005-2014? Get ready for a time suck. Also- I am currently on the hunt for the new issue that came out this week. Have you Tulsa peeps seen it anywhere?? Particularly excited to see this feature in print- gorgeous work!

- WHAT a talented little fashionista!

- I don't care for professional baseball in general, but because of this, the Milwaukee Brewers are my favorite team.

Have a great weekend!

client plan: the mix


Just wanted to pop in and share another client plan today...

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that the jumping off point for this room is the gorgeous rug my client has.Thinking this space is going to be a great mix of traditional/modern--- you know how I love a good mix!

Hope you all are having an awesome week!

have you seen?


I find the internet to be a very inspiring place in all sorts of ways. Whether it be a great image, a great article, story or video, I am always so grateful for the fun web things that find their way to me. So, I wanted to start doing a little round-up of internet items that have inspired me throughout the week and share them here in case you haven't seen them yet!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this blogger, this blogger, this blogger and this blogger are the ones who gave me the idea to do these posts. I love seeing what these ladies think is the best of the internet each week, and I so look forward to their Friday round-ups!

- On Valentine's Day, I got a serious case of the 'awwwws!' when I read this story. Real, tested by time love makes me so happy.

-Still poring over the details of this stylish apartment. Also- I had to look up the usage on 'poring over' - interesting stuff!

- Incredible perspective: "The Problem With Little White Girls

- I always want everything on her "Gab Loves" posts

- Touching photos get.me.every.time. Grab a tissue (or five) for this one

- I've written about this topic before, but I think this blogger hits the nail on the head.

- This cheeky art just cracks me up! I love it so much, it's inspired me to take on something similar for our house.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

OMM : oushak


Oushak rugs (aka my favorite rug style ever) are on my mind today. Well, they are OMM lots of days, but I just thought I would write about them today.  These rugs can be incorporated into any design style seamlessly and easily become the show piece of the room. No matter what type of space these rugs are placed in (living, dining, bath)- they are absolutely gorgeous and bring a sense of history, texture and luxury with them.


I'm on the hunt for the perfect oushak for our master bedroom. The one we have in there right now was originally purchased for the family room (until I scored this one) and it's not the right size or feel for what I want our master to be.

BUT- finding an oushak that is the right size, color and price (most notably) is proving to be a challenge....  I just have to remember that patience is a virtue....

OMM: high gloss ceilings


A look that has been on my mind lately is high gloss ceilings. Some might see this choice as a design risk, especially when used with a bright paint color. But I happen to love the effect, and love it the most when white is the chosen color. It just adds a little something extra, without taking over the whole design of a space.


Something about adding a ceiling detail just makes a space seem that much more finished and thought out, don't you agree? I'm thinking white high gloss for my formal living and dining rooms..... we'll see.
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