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We found a house in Tulsa! A few weekends back, the Hubs and I had a whirlwind house-hunting experience (read: view about 12 houses, make a decision on one, did negotiations and got a contract... all in about 36 hours!) Since we are pretty familiar with the Tulsa market we knew which neighborhoods we wanted to focus on, so that made the job a lot easier. BUT, for a variety of reasons, this move has been so much more challenging than our last two. We've had to work through a variety of real estate issues with this one, so it was an AWESOME birthday present to receive last week to hear that we are good to go!

So........ here she is! I say 'she' because I already have a name picked out for her --- Miss Flo. I arrived at the conclusion that this is her name because she is a pretty little thing and she lives in an area called Florence Park. I think it fits her perfectly.

All photos via Zillow.

1- Cute little entryway. 2- formal living. 3- dining room. 4- master bedroom. 5- master bath. 6- downstairs guest bedroom. 7- family room. 8- backyard!! Dais is going to be THRILLED. Not pictured- the entire upstairs, the kitchen and the breakfast nook and the basement. 

As you can imagine, my design wheels are already spinning :) And because decorating an entire home can be daunting and expensive, initially I am going to focus my efforts on the downstairs (formal living, dining, master, guest bedroom and family room). The kitchen we are going to live with for a few years, and then evaluate if we want to do a reno there. We'll see. We've become pretty non-commital with all of our moving around the past few years! The idea of living somewhere for more than 2 years is crazy! BUT super exciting at the same time. The good news- the current owners have great style! They've done a great job with a lot of the wall colors and finishes. Makes my job a lot easier up front!

I'll post my plans for each room eventually, but first we need to focus on closing. Keep your fingers crossed for us :) Counting down the days to April 4th!

Tulsa here we come!

review: eShakti part II


I've reviewed eShakti before. Needless to say, that jacket has quickly become a favorite in my closet. So when they asked if I wanted to review another product- I was thrilled!

This time, I gave the custom options a go. When I found this red tunic, it had long sleeves. But since I already had something similar in my closet I thought I could use one with shorter sleeves. And since they make customizing items super easy- that's exactly what I got.

I'm a pretty pleased blogger :) Hope your week is off to a great start!

blue and white love


Home Goods. Ohhhhh how I will miss thee when I move to Tulsa. This past weekend, good ole HG provided an awesome blue/white find. These Ralph Lauren porcelain lamps aka B-E-A-uties.

As I said in my Insta pic, lamp perfection right? I have to give my girlfriend Michelle from Second Street East a shout out for tipping me off that I might find some blue and white amazingness at HG.

I can not wait to have these in our new home. We are still going through the inspection process and after that's wrapped up, I plan on sharing pics of it here. Hopefully, it will be quite soon!

Have a great week!
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