Street Style


While I do love seeing what celebrities are wearing, street style is so much more interesting to me. Celebrities often have very deep pockets and throngs of people picking out their outfits, doing their make up, etc. No wonder they usually look great. Seeing everyday people using their own creativity and resources to look fab is one of my favorite things. There are some awesome street style  and personal style blogs out there, always full of inspiration. Here are a few of some of my favorite images I have come across recently.

Do you find street style as interesting as I do?
xoxo, Emily



Lanvin recently launched an online boutique. They really make some beautiful things, so I thought I would check it out. I decided if I had an extra $22k lying around and had already given lots of money to charity, set up college funds for my kids and kids' kids, AND had taken my friends and family on an awesome vacation... I would get THIS.

Gorgeous, but I just don't think I will ever live in a world where I can justify that price tag. Super fun to look at though! Here are some other very pretty things. Disregard the weird mannequins...


Please note: I would, however, be TOTALLY ok with receiving any of the above as gifts. :)

xoxo, Emily

Awesome thrift store find


So, I shared last week that I had a great weekend of vintage shopping. I didn't only find some great furniture pieces, I also found this...

Escada. Original tags still on. $26.... need I say more??

Only catch- it didn't fit me! Blast. Good thing I was chatting with my fabulous friend Laura when I found it and she is now the owner of this little gem. Kind of jealous!

Happy Monday!

xoxo, Emily

In case you were wondering...


The azaleas are in bloom everywhere in Houston. And it's gorgeous. On my way to work, I drive down a road with some of the most beautiful homes in town. They all seem to have one thing in common this time of year- amazing azaleas!! Thought I would share a few pics.

Please note- I am not, nor do I claim to be a professional photog :)

Have a great weekend! Hope the weather is pretty wherever in the world you are.

xoxo, Emily

5 things I love- Second Street East


Today, to continue the "5 things I love" series, I have Michelle from Second Street East sharing a few of the things in her home that make her happy. Second Street East is FULL of inspiring images. I love seeing how Michelle makes her home uniquely 'her'.

I am so happy to be sharing my favorite things with you and a big thank you to Emily for having me!

First up is something so simple, but makes me happy every time I open the fridge!

My chiang mai tray that resides in the guest room is probably my favorite thing that I own right now! I am a little sad I didn't use it for my master bedroom!

In honor of spring finally making an appearance, these are definitely my favorite pair of sandals right now and will get tons of use once the weather stays warm!

These drawings that I recreated from Anthropologie make walking down the hallway a delight every time!

Lastly, my favorite piece of furniture is this armoire that I found on Craigslist, which is originally from Indonesia I think? Anyway, it has so much character and I can't see myself ever replacing it!

Thank you again for sharing with us, Michelle! You have an awesome eye, and I can't wait to see what do you with your home next!

xoxo, Emily

Weekend vintage shopping


Houston has some really great vintage and antique shopping. This past weekend, I went exploring. Thought I would share a few of the best!

This was a great armoire. Sorry the angle is bad, the place was FULL. The girlfriend I was with loved it too! Think it would be perfect in her master bedroom.

Close up of the detail.

This vase was in a mid-century store. I bought this exact vase in Tulsa two years ago for a bday present for my mom. Didn't want to tell the owner I paid less than half what he was asking for it. Ha! Looooove me a deal.

Contemplated bringing these home. I found it at the Guild Shop. The BEST antique store in Houston. Omg. The best. Decided against it at the last minute... seeing this picture I am re-thinking it. Chances are if I go back to get it tomorrow, it will be gone. That place is always packed.

Wouldn't this be perfect as a little bar? Wish I had a place for it. Also from the Guild Shop.

This was my favorite find of the weekend. There was a set of these AWESOME bamboo chairs. However, I am a firm believer that if you don't have a place for something, don't get it. That may be a lie... sometimes you might just have to find a place for something you love... I don't know.

So, what do you think... should I go get them??

xoxo, Emily

Katniss has been cast!!!


According to, Winter's Bone actress Jennifer Lawrence has been cast to play Katniss Everdeen in the film version of the Hunger Games.

Since I literally just read this... I don't know how I feel about it yet. I mean, Katniss is suppose to be dark haired (I understand hair can be dyed) with grey eyes and olive skin... having trouble picturing since this was Jennifer Lawrence at the Academy Awards this year...

A hottie, for sure. Just not exactly what I pictured for Katniss. BUT, Jennifer must be an amazing actress to be nominated for an Oscar at such a young age. I am SO looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out on March 23, 2012. Yes, my 26th birthday will be celebrated seeing the Hunger Games. And no, I am not ashamed of that.

xoxo, Emily

BHLDN coming to Houston

As I was reading through the Houston Business Journal (that is a lie, I just saw the headline on my boss' copy), I learned that BHLDN is opening it's first store in Houston! BHLDN is Urban Outfitter's new wedding line and the collection is fabulous. I first learned about it from one of my favorite bloggers here. The store will open in Highland Village in early fall. This is great news for Houston brides!

Take a look! Here are some of my favorite gowns.

They also do bridesmaids dresses. These would be perfect shower dresses as well!

all images via
I must be excited for wedding season. That is my second wedding post in a week!

xoxo, Emily

Birthday Presents


So, the big 2-5 is coming up for me. Saturday, to be exact. I have never been a huge birthday person. Yes, it is a nice thing to celebrate, but I definitely don't expect everyone to fawn over the fact that I was born.

HOWEVER- that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good gift :) Here are a few things that I sent to the Hubs as ideas.

From the post here, you can understand my need for a cropped red jacket. This one from J.Crew comes in a very yummy color called modern red. Yes, please!

Also on the list are these sandals. I feel like I have been looking for the perfect neutral-colored sandal for SO long and this season, they are everywhere! A girlfriend of mine was wearing them last weekend and they are so cute in person.

And lastly, who doesn't need some sparkle on their birthday?

But if I am being honest, what I really want for my bday is another one of these...

Not going to hold my breath for that one, though... PS- to find this picture, I literally googled "fluffy white puppy".

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

xoxo, Emily

55 Designer Living Rooms


Do you all read House Beautiful? It's definitely one of my favs. An extra perk is they have a great website, too. As I was perusing it the other day, I came accross this article. It is a slideshow of 55 designer living rooms. All different, and all gorgeous in their own ways.

One of my favorite games to play is "If I could pick one of these, which would it be?" (super cool, I realize!) Anyway! I do this with clothing articles in magazines, furniture in stores, etc. Kind of my OCD thing.

So I did this with the slideshow! Looking at just furnishings alone, this was my favorite room in the bunch...

Designed by Timothy Whealon, I just love the feeling this room conjures up. I love that it is layered, not too vintage looking and not too new looking. It looks like everything has been collected over time. Just lovely!

Taking the house itself into account, I would choose this one.

Designed by Jean Larette.

If you read the description it says "Chardonney grape vineyards surround this contemporary California farmhouse." Ummm hello, dream life!!

I'm saving this one for my "If I could decorate as girly as I wanted to..." file.

Designed by Johnathan Berger.

And of course for my vacation home file...

Designed by Suzanne Tucker. All images via House Beautiful.

Do you have a favorite?

xoxo, Emily
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