CB on a budget


I'm going to be channeling my inner Carrie Brashaw very soon.

But instead of I don't know how much, I am going to be doing it for $22.80 from F21.



xoxo, Emily

Even more guest bedroom progress!!


So as I posted here (3 months ago), I have been shopping for tufted headboards for our guest bedroom for quite a while. I was on Amazon the other day and I found this option:

It was the absolute best price I have found (this girl is a bargain shopper), so I pulled the trigger. It arrived two days after we ordered it and.... I LOVE it. The fabric has a slight sheen and has an expensive look even though it was very affordable.

So I am just really loving the guest bedroom! Even more than our bedroom, but that's ok! It just has a very glamorous feel and if I was a guest, I would really enjoy staying here... hint hint. Obviously, we are doing this so we can entice some visitors up to St.  Louis. Now accepting reservations through January 2012. Or just whenever. Come visit us!!

xoxo, Emily

The Real Housewives Real Estate- Kyle Richards


I love me some reality television. The Real Housewives (all of them) are definitely a guilty pleasure. Getting to glimpse into a world that is so unlike mine is just a really enjoyable pastime for me. Call me crazy...which the Hubs does!

Anyway, one thing I especially like is seeing the women's homes. All of them are clearly expensive. But not all of them are- in my opinion- well done. But that's ok! Everyone has different tastes and it is always interesting to see how others live. So I am starting a series sharing some of my favorite homes from the show. Today we are looking at Kyle Richards home from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

When I set out to find some pics of  Kyle's home, I learned that she and her family have moved! I can't wait to see what their new home looks like, since I thought they did an awesome job decorating their old house. They went with a very modern scheme, with Asian influences throughout. In case you were wondering, they listed the Bel Air home for $2.45 million.

Note the Fendi pillows...

The master bedroom. Great choice on the Barcelona chairs.

I wouldn't mind sharing a room with my sis if it looked like this!

The best part of the house? The backyard.

All images via here.

I hope they take their awesome taste with them to their new home!

xoxo, Emily

Awesome STL Vintage Shopping


I have these lovely breaks between working when we move for the Hubs' job. I call it being 'fun-employed'. And it can be really nice! It has allowed me to explore St. Louis and get a little bit more acquainted with our new city.  Since moving around alot forces you to exist on the suggestions of others, that's exactly what I do! At the suggestion of the sweet lady at the local Salvation Army, I checked out The Future Antiques and I was sooooo impressed.

They have an awesome selection of mid-century modern, great lighting, even clothes and accessories.

Adorable bar cart that I wish I had a place for in my house.

In the right room, this cobalt chair would be bomb.

Hats, hats and more hats. Gorg.

Danish modern dresser.

Like I said, awesome lighting!

Loooooved this navy dress. Wasn't my size :(


I went in looking for house stuff, but left with this scarf and (reversible!) clutch. That's just how it goes sometimes!

I will definitely go back. Any antique lovers out there that want to come check it out, I would love to have you join me!

xoxo, Emily

Fail blog. Or fail paint. Whatevs.


Just an FYI that this idea is not going to work.

I gave it a go on one of the armchair covers and it turned out like this:

Looks like I spilled Kool-Aid on it....

I think this project probably works alot better when starting with a lighter color fabric and painting it a darker color. If I wanted to paint the chair black, I'm sure it would work. But.... I don't want to paint it black. So I am kind of back to square one on what to do with the wingback.

I will report back with any more ideas.

xoxo, Emily

Guest bedroom progress


As I have posted about before, I love customizing furniture. So the other day I was inspired to give the dresser in the guest bedroom a facelift. Here is the before:

Please note all the crap on top of it. This is seriously how it has looked since we moved in. Oh well.

I acquired this dresser from my sister who got it from her college room mate who didn't want it anymore when they moved out of their house. And I have had it ever since! So, I definitely knew I wanted something graphic on it... but I really just winged (is that a word?) it and started taping.

First, I did the top left square. Then I measured it and taped the other squares using those measurements. Not going to lie, it kind of took a long time.

Then, I primed the squares and then painted them using just regular craft acrylic paint.

After this step, I taped out the final square for the middle and also painted the hardware. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of that step, so here is the finished product:

I am really pleased with how it turned out!

Now I just need to get that stuff off the top of it...

xoxo, Emily

Another Kardashian/Odom home.


Okay, I love Khloe and Lamar! They are surprisingly down to earth and it's so  nice to see how much they both value their relationship. All that aside, I also love their house. When I posted about Kim's interior decor, I mentioned that I was dying to find pics of Khloe and Lamar's house, because I loooooove what I have seen of their home design from the show. After watching some re-runs the other night, my interest was piqued again, and so another internet search ensued.

Well, I found my pics! Got them from Khloe's blog. I found out that her home was design by LA based interior designer Jeff Andrews. He did an AWESOME job. I love the dark colors and somewhat masculine feel.

All pics via here.

The only thing was I didn't find pictures of their main living area with the Missoni pillows or pictures of the kitchen/dining nook that has the gorgeous stripes on the wall... but that's ok! I will keep looking :)

xoxo, Emily

Lafayette Sq. Home Tour


A few weekends back, we attended the Lafayette Square (our neighborhood's) Home Tour. Since I am such a real estate stalker, I was really eager to see what our neighbor's houses looked like on the inside- because I already know how fabulous they are from the outside.

I was very surprised! Turns out, it was not at all what I expected. Most of the interiors of the homes we saw were very traditional and in keeping with the exterior of the homes. I guess I was hoping for more of a juxtaposition of modern decor in a historic home.... but anyway, it's always fun to see how others live.

Here are some examples of homes in the neighborhood.

Beautiful, right? You can totally understand why I was so eager to see what the insides look like.

Here is what I discovered.

Totally traditional, right? Here are some details.

Foo dogs!!
Sorry for the bad photo, but I loved these original floors.

This was the most 'modern' kitchen I saw. Loooved the royal blue countertops on the island.

And just some misc. photos... there was also an antique fair in the park the same weekend... did I mention how much I LOVE this neighborhood??

Me, enjoying the tour!

After taking this tour and talking with the homeowners, I really understand that preserving the historical value of these homes is the homeowners' passion. So I totally respect all the hard work they put into doing just that.

I would still like to see one decked out in modern decor... maybe someday! Nonetheless, I enjoyed it!

xoxo, Emily
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