OMM: August 2013


Just a little round up of what's been on my mind this month! See my post last month explaining this series :)

TV Show: I love me some Jeff Lewis. His show on Bravo is hilarious, but I also think he is a very skilled designer. Often the homes he goes into, the couple or family that lives there cannot agree on just about anything (including design). But I think he does a great job of designing spaces that most everyone can get on board with. And, he really does HELP these people. It's great.

Song: I'm sure you didn't forget that my blog is a no judgment zone? Because the song I have been totally loving this month is "Still Into You" by Paramore. The video isn't awesome, but the song is. The lyrics are just so sweet! And it's catchy... so ya. I'm into it.

Instagrammer: You all just need to follow Humans of New York - @humanofny. Essentially, it's just pictures of people who live in New York, with a short description that is usually super insightful/interesting/funny/sad/beautiful. I really love the idea behind this.

Blog: My best friend/sister - Kacey writes a lovely blog about her home and family life. Recently, she shared a post about her thoughts/cares/concerns/thankfulness during this time in her pregnancy. This post touched my heart SO much. Even though I'm not a mother and can't identify with her emotions, I still think it's a really good read. Oh, and her maternity pics are GORG.

Inspiring Designer: Barrie Benson. Nothing new here, but I have probably looked at this image 12 times over the last month. I just find it super amazing.

Blessing: I've been working with a wonderful friend on giving her house a little zhush up. It's a gorgeous home in one of my favorite Tulsa neighborhoods. And, she and her husband are just super awesome and easy to work with. Has been so much fun so far and a huge blessing. Can't wait to share more - but here is just a teeny snippet of what we have done so far.

"real" pictures to come...

Beauty Product: My girlfriend turned me on to One N' Only Argan oil - to me, it's the exact same as the pricier Moroccan oil.
Inspiring Quote: This just cracks me up!! But seriously....

Book: Okay, so last month I raved about the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.  And I am super sad to report that the movie was a HUGE let down. I don't know why I still get so upset when I hate the movies that are made on books I love - because it happens more often than not. They messed with the plot line and made it WAY too cheesy. But that doesn't mean I'm not eager to delve into the next book in the series......

movies  < books.

Go-to outfit: This skirt has been the MVP of my wardrobe lately. Favorite way I've worn it is similar to this:

Accessory: When I was in Dallas a few weekends ago, my fabulous mother in law let me pilfer through her jewelry. And, because she is super generous, I walked away with these:

And I LOVE THEM! Vintage treasure.

Trips being planned: About this time every year, I get reeeeally excited for tailgate season. Notice I didn't say 'football season' because I'm not really into football games. I am, however, into tailgating, seeing college friends and spending time with my family in my hometown. Here is me and the Hubs during football season last year:


Routine: After about a 4 month break, I've gotten back into my yoga ritual. I cannot say enough how amazing and important yoga has been to me.

So that's a little bit about what has been on my mind this month! Thanks again to Paloma for inspiring this post!

DIY : stacked log fireplace screen


Since we moved into Miss Flo, I've been wanting to create something like this for our non-functioning fireplace. And unfortunately, this feeble attempt has been hanging out for the past few months. Until last week when this pin renewed my enthusiasm. And now, we have this!

Here is how we (myself and my handy Hubby) created our stacked log fireplace screen. Not sure if you non-Tulsans are aware, but we had a crazy storm a few weeks back. This storm downed alot of trees, limbs, etc. So, we went on a limb-hunting trip. I was looking for lighter colored, round wood. These sycamore limbs fit the bill:

Then, my resident handy man cut them down into about 3-4 inch long pieces (thanks for lending us your saw, Emily & David!)

As he was cutting, I was arranging the pieces onto a piece of cardboard that I had drawn the dimensions of our fireplace out on.

This was helpful because I knew which size pieces I needed more of along the way. After getting all of the pieces arranged, we went to Lowes and got a piece of plywood cut into the dimensions we needed.  I painted the plywood black and after it dried, I transferred the pieces from the cardboard to the plywood.

Then, I glued them down one by one.

We let them dry overnight. Because I wanted to make sure they were super duper secure, we started securing them with nails from the back of the plywood.

But the hammering made a bunch of the pieces fall off, so we quickly abandoned that practice. I figure if any piece falls off, I'll just glue it back on. C also rigged up this way for it to stand in the fireplace:

But as we were putting it in the fireplace, we found it could just wedge in there pretty well and be fine without the stand. A happy accident, really.

We are SUPER happy with this project! Really inexpensive, and really chic looking.

This room is coming together really well!

Next up for this space - art and custom pillows!

she left her heart in France...


And after seeing these pictures, my heart is in France as well!

Hope these gorgeous images brightened your day!

OMM : spoon back chairs


Sometimes, I become fixated on certain things. Last week, it was air conditioning/the magic that is electricity (we had no power for about 48 hours due to storms). BUT - since we are thankfully past that, what happens to be on my mind now is spoon back chairs. And more specifically, regency spoon back chairs.

I am absolutely kicking myself for passing up these beauties shortly after we moved to Tulsa. At the time, I thought - "we really don't need MORE chairs"! But now, I wish I had them. Bad.

After a little bit of TLC/recovering, they would have been perfect in our formal living room................................ anyway. Here are some images that are just rubbing salt in the wound.

 The search is on....
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