client work : a colorful home pt. 2


A few weeks back, I shared a little bit about a fun project I am working on. Today I wanted to share the next space in this home that I am designing. Since this room is adjacent to the front room, I wanted to build upon the style from that space. But since it is a much more relaxed room, we wanted it to be more comfortable and lounge-friendly. We kept the color scheme similar, and added a little bit of mid-century in the mix.

Because my clients have paid for this design, I will decline sharing source information. If you’re interested in my services - I would love to hear from you! Contact me at

The spaces are going to be unified with a great gray on the walls. I also suggested creating a BIG gallery wall of their sweet kiddos' art. It's always great when art can be personal and special to the family whose home it hangs in. Like I mentioned before, this home has beautiful bones, so decorating around those is pretty fun :)

Hope you all are having a great week!

new favorite necklace


I'm a statement necklace loving gal. The right necklace just really ups the ante of any outfit. So when my fab friend (who just happens to be a S&D stylist) contacted me about wearing a piece here on the blog, I jumped at the chance! And it was pretty easy for me to pick this necklace, because I really felt it could be worn in tons of ways. And I was right:

Okay that was a whoooole lotta me. But, I hope I was able to showcase just how versatile this piece is! I've worn it dressed up, down and lots of ways in between. I absolutely love it and am looking forward to wearing it in the fall and into winter!

*gifted item, but thoughts and opinions are my own.

Be sure to hop on over and check out her Facebook page - she does an awesome job of showcasing all of the great pieces S&D has to offer!

OMM: July 2013


Last week Paloma, one of my most favorite bloggers, wrote a post that I just really loved. Essentially, she compiled a list of things that she has been obsessing over during the month of July and shared them! And since imitation is the highest form of flattery, I've decided to do the same here. I'm going to make it a part of the "On My Mind" series - because these are the items that have been on my mind this month:
TV Shows: I know I am late to this party, but I LOVE Ducky Dynasty. It's just good, clean fun/hilariousness. Added bonus- it's one that C and I can actually agree on!

Song: Really loving "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. Makes me want to groooooove. As does "Beautiful" by Mariah Carey. That lady has STILL got it going on.

Instagrammer: You just need follow @valerie_aya. A sampling:

Pinterest User: I really don't remember how I found this pinner, but I am super glad I did because I re-pin from her ALOT.

Blog:  I am again late to the party, because I just started following Bryn Alexandra. Especially love that she has Oklahoma ties! But she also has really refined taste and is a very talented designer. I've loved seeing the progression of her own home. She chooses things very thoughtfully and takes her time in pulling rooms together. I respect that, as it is so easy to want to get it all done at once.

Inspiring Designer: I've followed Chicago designer Summer Thornton for a while, but a few months back this project was added to her portfolio. I'm still absolutely loving it.

Blessing: Pretty much every day, the Hubs and I talk about how blessed we feel to be back in Tulsa. It's hard for us to put into words, but we just feel better here. It brings an amazing sense of comfort knowing how close so many loved ones are. While St. Louis was an adventure--- we are glad to be back!

 Bag: My incredibly generous sister in law came to visit a few weeks back and got herself a new bag while she was here. Soooooo she left her Speedy for me to borrow for a bit. I definitely don't hate it! Just so you don't get confused, this isn't a picture of me :)

Color: In my own home, I've been sticking to neutrals with pops of red, navy and green. So obviously, this picture makes me happy.

Inspiring Quote: Agree!

Drink: Moscow Mules are such a yummy, summery drink. And Valkyrie makes a darn good one. Tulsans- take note. Honorable mention- Cupcake's prosecco. 

Book: Ok. As I've said before, the only place I have an addictive personality is books. For months, my bestie has been telling me to get started on the Mortal Instruments series. Well, I'm through the first one and all I have to say is woah. Suuuuuuuuper into it. Read. it.(even though I am slightly embarrassed by the cover.... it's awesome. promise!)

Triumph: Getting my business going has been really rewarding. Anytime I get an email in my business inbox- my heart jumps! I hope to not ever lose that feeling. It's fun. 

Go-To Outfit: Not going to lie, this outfit has kind of been on repeat.......

Accessory: My fabulous friend from Houston happens to be a Stella and Dot stylist, and she was nice enough to send me the Jolie necklace. I have been reaching for it all the time! Outfit posts to come, but I do love it paired with hot pink:

Trips being planned: We are winding down summer wedding season, but are still looking forward to the last one of 2013- my sister's wedding in Guatemala in December! I went last May, but am excited to go back again for this event. I am already getting emo about the whole thing. This is the reception site. Gorgeous, right?

Thanks Paloma for dreaming up such a fun series! So tell me - what's been on your mind this month?

fabric love : Robert Allen


One of my first 'go-tos' when I'm searching for fabric for myself or for a client is always Robert Allen. There are a huge variety of patterns, colorways to suit most tastes and is often one of the most affordable options. Here are just a few of my fav Robert Allen prints:
Ming Dragon - Admiral
Cats Cradle - Amber
 Pantheon - Persimmon
Truro - Fuchsia 
 Morgans Point - Dew
Renegade- Dove
Market Square - Aubergine
Eastern Shore - Twine
 South Mesa - Fuchsia
Vespertine - Cobalt
Aledo - Linen
Bennet - Spa
Asherton - Ruby
Mecox Bay - China Blue
Landsmeer - Citrine

Center Circle - Mineral
Asami - Robin's Egg
 Island Rattan - Driftwood
Interpretation - Blush
Petal Power - Coastal
Vintage Plumes - Birch
 Multi Loop - Storm
Beach Corsage - Seaspray

Gorgeous offerings, right? If you are interested in more info about any of the above, feel free to contact me!

client work : a colorful front room


I recently began a big project of giving an entire downstairs living area an update. The whole space consists of the front room, family room, sun porch and kitchen/dining areas. The first space we decided to tackle is the front room, since it is the sitting area that is the first room you see when you enter the home.

These homeowners are super fun - they want colorful, funky, and unique to their family. They've got a little of a mid-century tilt, but didn't want to take it way too far as to stay away from theme-y. They wanted live able, comfortable and something that feels like 'them'!

Done :)

Because my clients have paid for this design,, I will decline sharing source information. If you’re interested in my services - I would love to hear from you! Contact me at

 Their house has truly GREAT bones, so every space will simply be a decorating endeavor. Which is super fun, I think! Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

The 4th : Santa Fe style


We had a fabulous holiday weekend in Santa Fe and it is haaaaaard to get back to reality this week. We were there for the wedding of some wonderful friends. Suffice to say, it was a gorgeous event:

IMHO, I had the cutest date there:

We also made time to do some turquoise purchasing:

And for pool-ing:

And for house ware shopping:

And of course, lots and lots of patio dining:

Like I said- hard to get back to reality! Good thing I have some FUN client projects starting this week! My creative juices are definitely flowing after such a great trip :)

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday as well!
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