Hart of Dixie fashion (for less obvi)


Rachel Bilson is pretty much one my top style icons. In Hart of Dixie (which premired Tuesday but I just watched last night) she did not let me down on the fashion front..... still not 100% sold on the show (the Hubs literally called the entire plot), but I will probably watch it for outfit inspiration alone.

Not surprisingly, alot of the items she wears are designer. Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Valentino...you get the picture.

Here and here.
But that shouldn't stop anyone from recreating the looks... just for a bit less. Here are some key pieces.

Look #1:

ok ok, this doesn't have the stripes, but it is sheer and v v cute.


Look #2

Look #3:

No contrast trim, but it is suede, cognac colored and has the pocket detail...

Did you watch Hart of Dixie? Were the delivering a baby on the fly and "the man I thought was my father actually isn't" moments too much for you?? 

oh and ps- RZ's new home


On the last episode of the Rachel Zoe Project, poor Jeremiah was tasked with decorating Rachel's new (7,000 sq. ft!) Hollywood home..... in under two weeks. I felt like the weight of the world was crashing down on my shoulders when I heard that timeline... so I can only imagine how he felt! Good thing he has a pretty solid background in the interior industry.

My interest was definitely piqued to see how it all turned out, so I was so happy to see a bit of it from this week's epsiode. I think Jeremiah did a fab job. You can find more pics here and here, but I just wanted to share my fav space, the formal living room.

I think that fireplace is SO interesting. I'm glad they didn't decide to paint it white (bc we all know RZ loves white). Also notice the lucite legs on the coffee table.

I wonder what those chairs feel like to sit in....

I think Jeremiah did an awesome job of balacing the masculine/feminine aesthetic, which is usually a compromise when it comes to couples :)

What do ya'll think?

Thankful Thursday: Lipstick love

Ordinarily, I am a lip gloss kinda gal. But lately, I have really been into lipstick and I am oh so thankful for stumbling upon my new fav shade- Loreal Refined Ruby.

 It's a perfect red and really gives the weekdays a pick me up.


At $7.99 a tube, you really can't beat it!

What are you thankful for today?

Chicago acquisitions and street style


I didn't plan to take any 'street style' pics while in Chicago. But I was so inspired and impressed by what I saw- I did! This is just a sampling of what I saw, as there were SO many lovely ladies and dapper gentlemen.

I saw lots of great layers and boots.

I ran into this gal in TopShop (<----LOVE!) and noticed her very cool sweater/skirt length combo. She was so sweet to let me take a pic.

From what I saw, Chicago is very preppy style wise. This girl was a great example of that. I saw lots of stripes, pearls, silk scarves, etc. She was also very sweet and gave me some great shopping recommendations.

All the cool kinds have a trench coat and a designer bag. I literally probably saw this combo 415 times and it never got old.

Some rainy day style. How cute is this mother/daughter combo??

Love the cheetah print umbrella and red rain boots!

Overall, I found Chicago to be a very fashionable city. It was really inspiring and I loved spending the weekend taking it all in!

I also wanted to share with you some of my favorite items I found while on the trip. The Magnificent Mile reaaaallllllllly did me proud!

While in JCrew, my anything-but-wicked-stepmother found this gem and we both got a pair!


At first I thought $88 seemed a bit steep for what are essentially leggings. But after I put them on, there were no more questions. There are a really great thick knit. Which was great because it was kind of breezy in Chi-town and I wore them the next 2 days straight.

Another fav item I found was a fab fur vest H&M. So sad to say the H&M there puts the one in STL to shame...

And I loved these two items so much, I wore them out one night in Chicago. (warning- self iphone portrait about to happen)

Another H&M find was a python print dress similar to this one... can't wait to layer it up when it gets really cold outside!

I also contemplated bringing one of these home, but I couldn't make up my mind about which one! Maybe I will find one under my Christmas tree (ahem- Hubs!).

New fav city: Chicago!


Where do I begin? I LOVE CHICAGO!! I really can't even say enough how much I enjoyed it and I can't wait to go back. There is so much I wanted to share about the city, so I will just start at the beginning.

We stayed at two different places: the Hard Rock Hotel and the Hilton Magnificent Mile. Both were amazing locations. The Hard Rock rooms were really nice and contemporary and the drinks at the bar were really good. The Hilton was great as well. I would definitely go back to either one.

Friday was devoted to shopping for the gals and golf for the guys (they played Cog Hill which I am told is a pretty cool deal but I can't comment because I don't know). But we started with breakfast at Feast, a recommendation from the concierge.

After that, we hit Michigan Mile. Love. love. love. I am going to do a shopping/street style post later this week, so I am just going to share some pics I took of the general scenery.

For dinner on Friday night we went to the Palm. The Palm is consistently one of my favorite restaurants... so of course the Chicago location was no different! If you go, ask for Jose. The sweetest server ever! Here is the Hubs with his prime rib that weighed 8 lbs. Just kidding, but it was close. And it was really good!!

After dinner, we took a recommendation from our driver, Lemmy. Finding Lemmy was the best serendipity ever. Because of Lemmy, we went to Epic. And had the most Epic time ever. Bad pun? Yes. But it was seriously so fun. If you go to Epic, be ready for the club atmosphere. It's definitely not a 'have a nice drink and relax after dinner' place.  But if you want to dance and hear some mid-90s rap... Epic is your place.

On Saturday, we did the site seeing thing. First stop- the Bean! (that's me with the Starbucks-- PS had the most unfriendly experience at a Starbucks on Michigan. The people needed a nice pill, seriously).

Crown Fountain at Millenium Park.

While in Millenium Park, I spotted maybe my favorite site from the trip... the building from Adventures in Babysitting!!!!!!

And here I am (acting like an adult) pulling on the lion's tale outside the Art Institute of Chicago Museum.

We didn't go inside the Museum because we were on our way to our architecture tour. We will just have to plan another trip!

Our tour left from Navy Pier.

I took ALOT of pictures on the tour, so I will just share my fav. one.

That evening we went to the Trump Tower for drinks before dinner. This was my favorite thing...

Yes, it was the coffee table in the Lobby. The Terrace was closed for a private party, so we went to the Rebar. Very nice ambiance and a great place to watch the sun set!

Saturday for dinner we went to Volare. Now, there are really no words for how good it was. The. Most. Amazing. Italian. Of. My. Life. I will have dreams about it until I get to go back.

Think there was enough for everyone??

On Sunday, we just did a bit more walking around. Stopped in the Drake and saw the elegant interior.

Love the mix of seating and graphic carpet.

Our last meal in Chicago was deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's on Rush. The pizza was great and the restaurant itself had a really great ambiance. We sat out on their open air patio.

Just some more pics of the fabulous city...

I was so sad to leave.... and I'm already planning my next trip back! It includes museum hopping, more shopping, cocktails at the Hancock Tower and a visit to the American Girl store. Anyone want to join me??

xoxo, Emily
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