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As you all know, I have been searching for a way to re-vamp our wingback chair for quite a while. I decided no on a loose-fit slipcover because I want something a bit cleaner looking. I also thought about painting it, but then figured out that turned out to be a huge fail. I even toyed with the idea of reupholstering it myself. But since it is something that we want to have for a long time, I am just too nervous to mess it up! So after looking at these other options, I think we are going to bite the bullet and get it reupholstered professionally. (please note- I am dragging the Hubs kicking and screaming through this process. He likes the wingback just the way it is.)

Here is my thought process- it's a great and really well made piece. To purchase another wingback (that is as good of quality and fabric that I like) would be much more expensive. And since I have twinges of tree-hugger in me, I hate the idea of not re-purposing something that is a perfectly good piece. SO, then the question was... well, what fabric do we want?

Again, I am a huge reality television fan. And I watch Giuliana and Bill (love!). They have two really great wingbacks that caught my eye...

(Note- this photo was taken in their LA condo)

Since I def. want something traditional and I know I will love for a very long time and that could work in a variety of houses/rooms, I think a stripe is the best way to go. And black/white is my favorite color combo pretty much of all time (I'm wearing b/w as I write this post).
Soooooo, the search began. I found this fabric from Ballard Designs and I loooooove it.

But, at $30/yard... it's just too spendy for my taste (I would have to buy 7-8 yards).I was feeling pretty let down by the other prospects I was finding until I stumbled upon this...


I actually like it even better than the Ballard Fabric! It's Waverly Sun'n'Shade, which I have used on upholstery before and I know it holds up really well. So, I ordered it last night! Now, we just have to decide when we want to do the actual reupholstery job... But even if we don't decide to do it for a while, at least I can feel good that I got a great deal on the fabric!

xoxo, Emily

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