Chicago acquisitions and street style


I didn't plan to take any 'street style' pics while in Chicago. But I was so inspired and impressed by what I saw- I did! This is just a sampling of what I saw, as there were SO many lovely ladies and dapper gentlemen.

I saw lots of great layers and boots.

I ran into this gal in TopShop (<----LOVE!) and noticed her very cool sweater/skirt length combo. She was so sweet to let me take a pic.

From what I saw, Chicago is very preppy style wise. This girl was a great example of that. I saw lots of stripes, pearls, silk scarves, etc. She was also very sweet and gave me some great shopping recommendations.

All the cool kinds have a trench coat and a designer bag. I literally probably saw this combo 415 times and it never got old.

Some rainy day style. How cute is this mother/daughter combo??

Love the cheetah print umbrella and red rain boots!

Overall, I found Chicago to be a very fashionable city. It was really inspiring and I loved spending the weekend taking it all in!

I also wanted to share with you some of my favorite items I found while on the trip. The Magnificent Mile reaaaallllllllly did me proud!

While in JCrew, my anything-but-wicked-stepmother found this gem and we both got a pair!


At first I thought $88 seemed a bit steep for what are essentially leggings. But after I put them on, there were no more questions. There are a really great thick knit. Which was great because it was kind of breezy in Chi-town and I wore them the next 2 days straight.

Another fav item I found was a fab fur vest H&M. So sad to say the H&M there puts the one in STL to shame...

And I loved these two items so much, I wore them out one night in Chicago. (warning- self iphone portrait about to happen)

Another H&M find was a python print dress similar to this one... can't wait to layer it up when it gets really cold outside!

I also contemplated bringing one of these home, but I couldn't make up my mind about which one! Maybe I will find one under my Christmas tree (ahem- Hubs!).


  1. LOVE the whole outfit! I am def. going to have to make a trip to H&M before KC's opens! Where did you get the shirt you are wearing under the vest??

  2. Thanks love! The shirt is a Zara find. So excited they ship now! Find it here:


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