the case for vintage


One thing I have always loved is vintage/thrift shopping. There is NOTHING better than the thrill of a great find. Vintage items make a space unique, interesting and most importantly, gives a home something not everyone else has.

Which is why I really don't understand when people don't 'get' having vintage or thrifted items in their homes. I have heard clients say that they just 'aren't into' older things. So I am here to make a case for vintage pieces. Often, people just can't take an item they see in a vintage store or on a CraigsList posting and see the bigger picture of just how CHIC it could look in a space.

Here are two examples, pulled from current St. Louis CraigsList postings.


Turns into this:

Or this:

 Or this:

Next example, these bamboo dining chairs:

Could end up looking like this:

Or this:

 Or this!

See what I mean? Sometimes, being able to see an item in a space and with the right styling can make allllllll the difference in the world. I'll probably do more postings like this, so let me know if you have ever found a vintage item that you are questioning! 

So what do you think? Am I making a vintage believer out of you yet?!

DIY: x bench to skirted ottoman


I've had a Target x-bench for a couple of years now. And even when I bought it, I thought I might re-do it at some point. Well, that point came last weekend when I whipped up this little diddy:

Cute, huh? Here is how it all came to be. Started with this.

First, I covered the top.

Then, I cut small pieces to place over the 4 corners. I 'hemmed' the top using fabric glue and then glued them to the top of the frame.

I also used fabric glue to hem the bottoms. I didn't worry about creating a smooth hem on the sides, because those will eventually be covered. Then, I measured 4 pieces for the front, back and sides. I used the same hemming method as above on the top and sides of the pieces, leaving the bottom portion un-hemmed.

Next, I glued the piece to the bench at the top, but left the sides open to created the skirted look.

Here is what you are left with after putting all four sides on.

After all four pieces were glued and dried, I pinned the bottom hems. I wanted to get a pretty straight hem, which is why I pinned them first. It would look really bad when it's all said and done to have uneven hem lines.

Then, I just flipped them up and glued using a hot glue gun this time bc I ran out of fabric glue. Honestly, I like using fabric glue better because you can manipulate it to get it to the length you want. But since I pinned them hem straight, it didn't really matter.

So I thought this would be it, but after it was done I felt like it looked slightly unfinished.

So, I busted out some trim.

And that was it! Totally Dais approved.

The best part is I have another bench so I can make a matching one. I am a symmetry girl, so I love having the flexibility to use two in a pair at some point- the end of a bed, in a pair in a living area, etc! Inititally, I thought I would use them in our living room, but the animal print is kind of ALOT with the red china cab. So for now, one will sit in our entry way.

Nothing better than a good DIY, right?! Let me know if you all plan on making one of your own and if you have questions!

FABulous kitchen feature


Exciting stuff! Amie's work was recently featured in the February 2013 Southern Living. This kitchen, you guys, is. so. cool.

I could type more, but I would rather you just check out the pics so we can swoon together.

Where to start?? The colors, the hardware, the cabinet detail.... it's all just so unique and fabulous! I pulled all the pictures from this video with the Executive Editor of Southern Living, but be sure to pick up a copy of the Feb. issue :)

Loooooove, right?!? Happy {almost} weekend!

OMM: southwest style


Happy 2013!! I can still say that even though we are a few weeks in, right?!? I am going to extend the happiness welllllllllll into January because it's such a downer when the holidays are over!

Anyway! We were blessed to spend our Christmas holiday in Santa Fe. It is the most charming, unique place and I am still dreaming about the "Land of Enchantment." Unfortunately for many people, when they hear "southwest style" images such as the below are conjured.

But I am here to advocate on behalf of this style! Just like any other design element, it can be done really well or really not-so-well. So I wanted to share some images that are GORGEOUS examples of southwest style.

I think I will be dreaming of my trip for months to come. Good thing we have a summer Santa Fe trip already planned :)

Looking to bring a bit of southwest style to your home? Here are some ideas.

PS- If you are interested in seeing more of my Santa Fe trip, check out my Instagram @mainstreetchic. Hope YOUR 2013 is off to a fabulous start!
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