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Happy 2013!! I can still say that even though we are a few weeks in, right?!? I am going to extend the happiness welllllllllll into January because it's such a downer when the holidays are over!

Anyway! We were blessed to spend our Christmas holiday in Santa Fe. It is the most charming, unique place and I am still dreaming about the "Land of Enchantment." Unfortunately for many people, when they hear "southwest style" images such as the below are conjured.

But I am here to advocate on behalf of this style! Just like any other design element, it can be done really well or really not-so-well. So I wanted to share some images that are GORGEOUS examples of southwest style.

I think I will be dreaming of my trip for months to come. Good thing we have a summer Santa Fe trip already planned :)

Looking to bring a bit of southwest style to your home? Here are some ideas.

PS- If you are interested in seeing more of my Santa Fe trip, check out my Instagram @mainstreetchic. Hope YOUR 2013 is off to a fabulous start!


  1. Always wanted to go back. I only remember seeing Santa Fe through a child's eyes. I do remember the clearest, bluest, otherworldly sky though...Happy New Year!

  2. I dig that uber minimal image with the gray walls + bright striped linens. And of course the outdoor space is fab. Happy new year!

  3. I own that white deer head! In fact, I loving named it Brad waaaay before I met MY Brad. :)


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