Lake Look


I know I had a SUPER fun time celebrating Memorial Day at the lake. So in honor of that,  earlier this week on my107.3, I shared a look that is *perfect* for a day at the lake. I hope you'll check it out, almost as much as I hope I get to go back to the lake soon.

New RUG!!!!


Yes, the use of exclamation points in the title was needed. Because.... we have a new rug for the living room!!! Thank you HUBBY for this fab anniversary present (we are celebrating 3 years of marriage today!) If you follow me on Instagram you already saw one pic (taken in the yard of the CraigsList seller we were picking it up from...) but here it is in our space.

Try as I might, I'm just not a 'beige' person. I love the look of neutral rooms but when it comes down to it, I need color. So, my initial Flor option didn't end up winning out. However, I hold that the tape was an integral part of the process :)

I know this rug might not be every one's cup of tea.... But I really love it! One of my favorite things in both fashion and decor are unique pieces- items that no one else has! Which is why I love vintage/thrift shopping.

I had been checking CraigsList in St. Louis pretty much every day for a month and a half and couldn't find a rug that A. was the right size (8x11) and B. I actually liked. So on a whim, I checked the listings in Lawrence, KS because we were traveling there for Memorial Day and BOOM. I found her. The seller said his mother purchased it from an estate sale 20 years ago and had just been holding onto it ever since. They claim they've never even used it and its in awesome shape so I believe them.  Before installing it in the living room, I followed these instructions to clean it.

So, all in all, I'm a reeeeeally happy camper! Tonight, we are going out for a fun dinner to celebrate our anniv AND the fact we have a great rug. Maybe I'm the only one who will be celebrating the rug, but whatev.

And because I'm a sap, I just have to share a pic from our wedding.  It truly was the most wonderful day.

PS! As I was pinning yesterday, I ran across this pin from my friend Hallie. Apparently, the symbol in the center of our rug is the Chinese symbol for 'luck'... I just really love that!

Inspired to Incorporated: SSE Style


How was everyone's Memorial Day?? Mine was great, but per usual, it'super hard getting back to the grind!

Today, I am sharing an "Inspired to Incorporated" post at Second Street East. I hope you'll head on over and check it out!

China Cabinet Re-Do


So, I am going to re-vamp our china cabinet. It's part of the dining set that we inherited from the Hubs' parents. We have refinished the table and chairs, but the cabinet has been in its original state since we've been married. And you all know me, I just LOVE to put my own spin on things.

Full disclosure? A piece of glass got broken in the move to STL. Aaaaaaand we haven't replaced it yet (move was 1 year ago). I told you I was going to keep it real.

So anyway! My point is, I need to get on it! If I wanted to be super bold, I would paint it high gloss RED.


I also really love this peacock color that Jenny used.

But since I'm not the only one who lives in my house, I think white might be a more liked choice by all.

Adding mirrors in place of the front glass could be a cool option, too.
And of course wallpapering the back could be fun.

I also love the black detail on these cabinets. Think I could recreate it on the china cab.

Here is the issue though. We have no ventilation (stained glass windows) and no garage. So that means if I paint it while we still live in the Chouse, I have to use a super low VOC paint. Which is fine, but I want this paint job to last forever and I'm not sure how strong low VOC is.... must do research. And talk to the Hubs and see what he thinks. Ohhhhh the re-doing process is a fun one!

What do you all think? Any votes on a certain option?

I won't be getting started on this project this weekend because we are headed to Lawrence, KS to celebrate Memorial Day with my dad, step-mom, step brother and his wife. There is a lake and pontoon boat in my future and I couldn't be more excited! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Inspired to Incorporated: 7


When you find a pic of an outfit you like online, you don't have to have the EXACT pieces to recreate it. Think about what you have in your closet that keeps the idea the same, because putting your own spin on it makes it more fun. I made this casual outfit that Taylor wore more 'work-ish' by adding a collared shirt. And my green army 'jacket' isn't a jacket at all- I just layered an army green top. Same idea, but I didn't have to run out and buy something new to recreate this look!
Trying to grow out your bangs is a tough process, folks. This hair twist really helps.


Coral jacket, striped t, turquoise earrings. Check. Except, my striped t has a slightly higher neckline :) ooooooh, S! Not the most modestly dressed TV character, but I still love her style.

And let me be clear- I am NOT a food blogger/chef. But every now and then I will prepare dinner for my husband. I generally don't make anything that has more than 6 ingredients, so when I saw this hummus/chicken pizza I figured I could work it in (because I bought a pre-made whole wheat crust. Sorry I'm not sorry). 5 ingredients and in the oven. Hummus, I added extra virgin olive oil, bell peppers, rotisserie chicken pieces and mozzarella cheese and you can call me Giada.

My pic is pre-oven...

What have you found online that has inspired you lately?

Summer Sandals


Over on My107.3, I'm sharing a summer sandal round up.

Which ones are your favs? I think I'm partial to the orange (Go Pokes!)

Hope you all are having a great day!

Thankful Thursdays: Comparison


I want to start by saying that please  don't get me wrong, I really do love blogging! I find it to be an amazing creative outlet and 'connector.' It has definitely enriched my life and if I didn't enjoy it, I just wouldn't do it. But when I was visiting Tulsa last weekend, I got to visit my old church (that is AWESOME by the by). And the message that morning was about Exodus 20:17 - "You shall not covet your neighbor's house, your neighbor's wife....." etc. Essentially, the 10th Commandment.

As I was listening to the message, I immediately looked to what area in my life leads to the most covetousness- and, unfortunately, that would be the internet. Every day through blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc, we are given a platform to compare our lives to others and to look at what others have. Most bloggers are 100% honest in saying that their lives are not perfect, and oftentimes not even close to what they feature on their blogs. But that doesn't always stop us (or, me) to comparing my life to theirs. It's super easy to focus on "I want that purse. I wish that were my house. She is so lucky.." etc. And this is a really slippery slope. It makes me lose sight of how blessed I am and how wonderful of a life I have. Comparison is a hop, skip and a jump away from covetousness. To that end, I've really enjoyed the "Things I'm Afraid To Tell You" movement in the blog world, especially Liz's, Ashlina's and Erika's. I LOVE that these girls chose to keep it real, and I'm super thankful they chose to do so.

There is nothing wrong with looking at beautiful things on the internet. The danger, at least for me, is when I start to compare and lose sight of what is really important in life. It is important for me to remember that while I may want a Chanel purse, I really don't think that having one will make me truly happy. True happiness, fortunately, comes from things that cannot be purchased. Although,  this quote rings true for me sometimes - ha!

So, this is me saying that I'm always going to keep it real. I'm going to love what I have and who I am. I am going to be thankful. I'm going to make a concerted effort to not compare myself to others (or what they show of themselves on the internet). And I'm going to focus on what I am grateful for in my life, because I really am one blessed gal :)

Want to learn about about covetousness and how to combat it? Listen to the sermon here.

That's it! Thanks for listening reading my ramblings!

Bestie Engagement


Sooooo one of my best friends got ENGAGED this past weekend and it was a super fun surprise. All of her friends and family were at a party for her dental school graduation (so I guess it's Dr. Bestie, now) and her bf decided to make the most of the moment and propose. It was an awesome moment!

So now since I'm thinking about all things wedding, I created a fun little board inspired by a bouquet she likes.

And here is a pic of her right after it happened. Isn't she adorable??

Can't wait for the real thing! Love you, sister!

Favorite Frugal Retailers


Over on my 107, I am sharing my favorite *frugal* retailers, along with an outfit I want to go out and purchase ASAP.

Hope you all have a great day!

Guatemala Getaway


Our trip to Guatemala was wonderful! I was so thankful to my Mom for taking me as a belated bday present to visit my sister, who has lived there for about 3 years. We spent time in Antigua, Guatemala City and at Lake Atitlan. The country is beautiful, and exploring a place that is so unlike where I live was a very enriching experience.

As I aluded to earlier this week, the only dark spot on the trip was when we were forced to get off of our plane home.... My mother was unfortunately very sick - food poisioning!- so, we had to wait another 18 hours or so for her to get better before we were allowed to fly :( BUT, we are home now and very thankful for America and the great getaway we had :)

This weekend, I am off again, but this time to Oklahoma for a very sweet friend's graduation celebration. Happy weekend, everyone!

5 Things I Love: The Peak of Tres Chic


Today, I am SO excited to have Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic sharing her "5 Things I Love." If you have never visited Sam's blog before, I insist you go ASAP because it is FULLLLL of beautiful interiors. But the thing I love most about her blog is how personal she has created it to be. Recently, she has shared her decision to go back to school to pursue interior design, and in the meantime, she is working for an interior designer to learn the trade. I am so excited to see what the future holds for her!

Hello, Main Street Chic readers!  This is Sam, from the blog The Peak of Tres Chic.

 I am so thrilled to be here posting about some of my favorite things on Emily's blog.  Emily is such a dear, and we recently discovered we are both Oklahomans, and she used to live in Houston, where I currently reside!  It's such a small world, isn't it?

I work at a Houston-based interior design firm and am obsessed with interior design.  Therefore, most of what I will share today has to do with decor! 
I particularly love vignettes.  This is a vignette I styled in my living room.  I LOVE the Ralph Lauren coffee table book, the frame, and the decorative sun mirrors.  They bring in metallics and neutrals that really give off a glam vibe.

The second thing I love are these Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazzar print pillows!  I love this textile KW designed, and the colors in this particular fabric are so pretty.  It makes me so happy to see these every morning when I leave for work.

The next thing I love is my LV tote.  I am typically pretty savvy when it comes to fashion, and I can find a bargain fairly well.  Nevertheless, I completely splurged on this bag, and I must say it was worth it.  This tote carries more than you can imagine, which is nice when I go from work during the day to school at night, to functions on the weekend.  It carries all my neccessities and is still chic and fashionable.  The perfect bag, in my mind!

The fourth think I love is satin and silk curtains.  I love to see windows dressed in dramatic fabrics, so I couldn't help but create this look in my own room.  I had a family friend make the curtains and install them (isn't she talented?!) and I love the way they turned out.

The last thing I am sharing today that I love are coffee table books.  I have at least one stack in every room.  They are my favorite gift to give, and to receive!  Here's a stack I keep by my bed:

A huge thank you to Emily for letting me share a few things I love with you.  I hope you will all stop by The Peak of Tres Chic and say, "Hi!"

Thanks so much, Sam! Absolutely loved having you here on MSC! You can see more from Sam at The Peak of Tres Chic. Also, follow her on Instagram (peakoftreschic) and on Twitter @PeakofTresChic.

If you are a blogger who wants to participate in this series, I would love to hear from you! Send me an email 

Dressed Up/Dressed Down: White T-Shirt


Just getting back from my whirlwind trip to Guatemala....... a day later than planned, but that's another story!! But I wanted to check in and say that last week on MY 107, I chatted about how to dress a white t-shirt UP and DOWN. But since I was on vacay at the time so I couldn't share it with you then. I hope you'll stop by and check it out!

I really like red and animal print... can you tell? :)

Hope you all are having a great day!

Hubs' 27th Birthday Weekend


This past weekend, we celebrated the Hubs' bday. While my bday celebration was filled with shopping, a spa day and frozen yogurt, his was celebrated with golf and Mexican food....gotta love the differences in men and women!

We started the day off with a big breakfast, then headed out to play some golf.

The day started out nice, but then some baaaad weather rolled in. We ended up heading home just in time for the tornado sirens to sound. So we had a tornado party at home.

But, all is well that ends well. Vanilla cupcakes from Trader Joes acted as bday cake :)

Happy Birthday Hubby! So glad you are my lifelong BFF!

In other news, tomorrow I am OFF to Guatemala to visit my sister! Veeeery excited about this trip and the opportunity to spend some quality girl time with my momma and sister. Not to mention a little R&R.

"See" you when I get back :)

Repurposing Drop Cloths


Be sure to check out the May Issue of Twenty Something to see my ideas for repurposing drop cloths. You've seen me use drop cloths here, here and here.  But really, the possibilities are endless bc they are pretty much the most versatile things in life!

Hope you are having a great day!
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