future master br


Don't know why, but lately I've been daydreaming about our future master bedroom. I've talked about doing an update before, but I think I'm going to wait until we move.

But that doesn't mean I can't be prepared! This is what I'm thinking...

-- Want to have a headboard similar to this one that was featured in Lonny. I'm talking tall.

-- Ever since I saw this Ikea hack, I've been smitten.

-- We currently have the Pottery Barn Matine Toile bedding. We got it for our wedding and I still really love it.

-- And of course, gotta have a touch of red.

What do you think? Have a great Monday :)

DIY monogram art


I recently got the itch to add some monograms to our home. And since I needed some art for each side of the china cab, this project was perfect! I never got around to making myself the monogram coasters I made as as a gift earlier this year, but that's ok. This art I whipped up definitely scratched the monogram itch.

To create this art was really pretty simple! First, I just googled "monogram alphabet" and used these as my template. I just saved the image as a .jpg on my computer.

Then, I cropped the photo to get the individual letters I need (C, D and E).

Then, I pasted each letter into PowerPoint and adjusted each letter to get it to the size I wanted.

Then, I printed the letters on heavy cardstock and cut each letter out.

I picked up some canvases and followed the same steps as my pet portrait project. And ended up with one for each side. They are totally Daisy approved.

Easy enough! Now... what should I do with those chairs? :)

china cab: check.


Well, the china cab is finished! And it's pretty good lookin if I do say so myself.

Decided to go with Behr Bijou Red and I really love how it turned out. In a perfect world, I would have had this piece professionally lacquered.... but we all know the world isn't perfect :) It took 1 coat of primer, 2 coats of paint and lots of little touch ups.

What a difference some paint makes, right?

I removed the decorative border from the front glass panes. I also replaced the hardware. I used these and I love them. They look like beehives! Who wouldn't want that?!

I am currently using this piece to house our barware, so I guess this is our 'bar area'. And if you know us, you know that we are serious about cocktail hour in our house.

Which means it will get a lot of use! Which is good news. I would also like to note that the Hubs was a hater slightly apprehensive about this project initially. But after seeing the outcome- he loves it! So the moral of this story is: you just gotta trust, babe.  

This weekend I am going to whip up some art for the blank walls on each side of it. And also think about how I am going to re-do those palm tree chairs.... they are another hand me down from my generous in-laws :)

Happy weekend, everyone!

the stuff fabric dreams are made of


If you follow me on Insta, you've already seen this image.

But I just had to check in here and say that I. love. this. fabric.

It's 100% the next Chiang Mai Dragon. And I'm 100% on board with that.

What say you? Do you love it as much as I do?

I know I am a bad blogger and said I would share 2 projects this week and only shared 1.... it happens. I'll post #2 next week and I'll give you a hint..... it rhymes with "my china cabinet"

But for right now, I'm off to celebrate the wedding of one of my nearest and dearest. Happy weekend, everyone!

tabscott master


I've been having lots'o'fun lately! From starting my new job, to traveling to see friends and family on the weekends-- life has been busy! I'm never going to complain about this type of busy-ness though... I absolutely love it!

In addition to everything else, I've also recently started taking on some client work. Currently, I'm working with a really sweet client who needs help zhushing up her master bedroom.

Here are some spaces she finds inspiring:

Some themes I saw in her inspiration pics were color, pattern, tufting and just general eclecticism. So, I came up with the following ideas for her:


The good news is that this client is not afraid of a little DIY and has offered to sew her own curtains. Gotta love that :)

One thing that I have enjoyed the  most about this process is stepping outside of 'me'. Until now, its been all about what I would like or what I would choose for myself. But thinking about things from another person's perspective and trying to figure out what they would like best has been really refreshing!

How have you all been lately?

how to choose a rug


Happy October!

The beginning of a new month brings another issue of Twenty Something. In this issue, be sure to check out my article on how to choose a rug on page 15 :)

I'm going to try to be a good blogger this week and post (hopefully) 2 exciting projects!
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