DIY monogram art


I recently got the itch to add some monograms to our home. And since I needed some art for each side of the china cab, this project was perfect! I never got around to making myself the monogram coasters I made as as a gift earlier this year, but that's ok. This art I whipped up definitely scratched the monogram itch.

To create this art was really pretty simple! First, I just googled "monogram alphabet" and used these as my template. I just saved the image as a .jpg on my computer.

Then, I cropped the photo to get the individual letters I need (C, D and E).

Then, I pasted each letter into PowerPoint and adjusted each letter to get it to the size I wanted.

Then, I printed the letters on heavy cardstock and cut each letter out.

I picked up some canvases and followed the same steps as my pet portrait project. And ended up with one for each side. They are totally Daisy approved.

Easy enough! Now... what should I do with those chairs? :)


  1. These are so great! Love them. So chic!

  2. What about some spots on those chairs? 'Les Touches' style...
    Like these:

  3. Thanks Val!

    Erin- I love that idea! But I'm worried it might be too similar to the pattern on my Louis chairs...

  4. What an awesome idea, I love it!! I've been looking for some more things to hang around our house, definitely want to try these. Just found your adorable blog, following you!


  5. Thanks Katherine! Would love to see pics of your monograms when you finish! Thx for following, love! xo!

  6. Hi Emily,
    I like you monogram wall plaques. May I ask what the three initials stand for?


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