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I've been having lots'o'fun lately! From starting my new job, to traveling to see friends and family on the weekends-- life has been busy! I'm never going to complain about this type of busy-ness though... I absolutely love it!

In addition to everything else, I've also recently started taking on some client work. Currently, I'm working with a really sweet client who needs help zhushing up her master bedroom.

Here are some spaces she finds inspiring:

Some themes I saw in her inspiration pics were color, pattern, tufting and just general eclecticism. So, I came up with the following ideas for her:


The good news is that this client is not afraid of a little DIY and has offered to sew her own curtains. Gotta love that :)

One thing that I have enjoyed the  most about this process is stepping outside of 'me'. Until now, its been all about what I would like or what I would choose for myself. But thinking about things from another person's perspective and trying to figure out what they would like best has been really refreshing!

How have you all been lately?


  1. You know, quite a while back when the fabulous KW re-worked The Viceroy Palm Springs, we stayed there. One of the first things I gravitated to were the ceiling medallions used as wall art. Love the look and can't help but think about these painted other colors--- glossy black against a dark gray wall, etc... a budget friendly alternative to the juju hat of my dreams.

  2. That would be so gorgeous! Love the idea! xo

  3. My favorite part of both options are the medallions as wall art! Such a great alternative to a painting or frame picture wall.

    Keep up the incredible work Emily!

    Xx. Margaret | a curated lifestyle blog


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