5 years


I don't consider myself to be a PDA-prone person, but on a day like today I will make an exception. Today is the Hubs and my 5 year anniversary. And while I realize in the grand scheme of things, 5 years isn't THAT long of a time to be married, I can't help but feel like this anniversary is a special one. A milestone, if you will. And while I know my very sweet Hubs will probably not like me calling such public attention to this date, I am still going to :)

5 years of marriage... how can it be?  It some ways, our wedding day seems like yesterday.

then (taken on the night of our rehearsal dinner)

And in other ways I can't believe more time hasn't passed, as it feels like we have packed SO much into life since our wedding day.

now (taken at the rehearsal dinner of friends)

We have made a great life together. It's a fun life. One that I am proud of. One that keeps me on my toes. It's a life that makes me excited for the future and so thankful for our past. It's a life that makes me incredibly happy. And it's a life that I love living with you every day.

If the last 5 years are any indication of what the rest will be like - then I am one lucky girl. But of course I knew that already.

Love you, babe! And happy weekend to the rest of you!

have you seen?


 Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I'm off today headed to a place where I can have some fun in the sun.... and maybe an adult bev or two as well :)

- Two really insightful/thought provoking articles: "10 Lessons I Learned From Surviving My 20s" All 10 are great lessons, but #5 really made me take pause - truly something I've never considered before.
and "Zosia Mamet On Why She Won't Lean In, Thanks" A must read read. I am absolutely identifying with her sentiments here.

- Weekly OH MY GOSSSSHHHHH animal post

- So much inspiration to be found on Ashley Goforth's new website. Every single project is pin worthy. When I saw the above picture, I said out loud, at my computer - 'that's effing great!' Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

- I posted on Instagram about how I am going to be trying out some R+F products. Would love to hear if any of you use their products and what you think of them!

Enjoy your weekend! Hope you are able to take a moment to pause and send some thanks out not only for the long weekend, but also to the men and women who have given their lives in service to our country.

have you seen?


We've made it! Just a few more hours until the weekend. I'm headed to Dallas for a girls weekend and am looking forward to some great food, big laughs and catching up with great friends. Hope you have a great weekend planned! Until you can get to it, here are my favs of the internet this week.

- Got the most adorable vase recently - it's a modern take on a run of the mill bud vase. It's perfect for some roses and peony buds from the garden.

- This list is golden: 100 Wise Words For Everyone.

- As if my 'house wish list' weren't long enough, I am now adding new stair railing to it because of this Insta snapshot.

- Speaking of house wish lists, the Hubs and I started our kitchen renovation conversation this week. We are still a long way away from this project, but it never hurts to start the planning process early. And I never thought I would consider Ikea cabinets...  but because of this blog post, I just might!

- Have you seen my 'to aspire to' board on Pinterest? It is quickly becoming one of my favs, thanks to images like this. Proof that age can bring not only wisdom, but style as well :)

- I recently picked up some mule heels and have been wearing them nonstop. How do you feel about this style being back en vogue?

Happy Friday!

artist spotlight : wayne pate


A few months back, I was introduced to Wayne Pate while perusing Instagram. Lindsay had posted a picture of his book, and I immediately stopped what I was doing to find out more about him and his art.

Something about his work just absolutely captured me, and I have been in love with pretty much every one of his pieces since that time. So when I was pondering my birthday wish list, one of his prints was quite high on said list.

I posted here about my print choice. And while my Mom says you shouldn't fill your house with the same artist's work... it will be her fault if I break that rule as she is the one who got me the piece that now has me hooked!

It seems only fitting that since I found Wayne through Instagram that I now love following him on Instagram. Seeing sneak peeks of what he is working on and how his pieces are evolving is SO interesting.

And it's always nice to see where/how an artist spends their time...

So much inspiration! I absolutely LOVE Wayne's work!

client work


I'm a firm believer in that a beautiful space begins with having a great base to work with. I always tell clients that it doesn't matter how great your decor is -- if there is a bad base, it isn't going to work! Having the right finishes allows beautiful decor to really shine.

So, to that end, I've been working with a client on an entire home refresh. We've tackled projects from a kitchen reno, to updating lighting, to paint projects to repairing drywall to outdoor upgrades... the list goes on! Now that we have the base in the right place, it's time to decorate!

Here is the plan I came up with for her living space:

As a courtesy to my clients, I will decline sharing source information. If you’re interested in my services - I would love to hear from you! Contact me at emilydavisinteriors@gmail.com.

Hope you all are having a great week!

sister's wedding on Style Me Pretty


I mentioned right after the New Year that my sister got married, but I never shared any pictures or details from the day. But if I could describe it in one word, it would be MAGICAL.

It was an incredible celebration, full of love and laughter, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it all.

You can get a glimpse of the magic over on Style Me Pretty. I absolutely love reliving it all through the photos and video that were shot by the incredible Stacy Able and Katie Destry. Kudos for capturing the gloriousness that was that day SO perfectly!

have you seen?


Here are my favs of the internet this week - know of anything good that I missed?

- The new Lonny came out this week and the "Young at Heart" house tour has me feeling quite inspired.

- Adding this and this to my already quite long 'to DIY' list.

- My favorite outfit that was shared this week.

- Itching to use this fabric somewhere.

- An article showcasing a different perspective on the huge "news" story of the week.

- Isn't this a really great art/mirror arrangement? Filed it away for future use!

- Thought this post was great. Don't be afraid to switch things up around your home and think outside the box!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I've got some painting projects on my list - fingers crossed for lots of progress.

Also - sending out happy happy birthday wishes to my sweet Hubs and wonderful sister today! So appropriate that two of my most cherished share a day of birth :)
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