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 Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I'm off today headed to a place where I can have some fun in the sun.... and maybe an adult bev or two as well :)

- Two really insightful/thought provoking articles: "10 Lessons I Learned From Surviving My 20s" All 10 are great lessons, but #5 really made me take pause - truly something I've never considered before.
and "Zosia Mamet On Why She Won't Lean In, Thanks" A must read read. I am absolutely identifying with her sentiments here.

- Weekly OH MY GOSSSSHHHHH animal post

- So much inspiration to be found on Ashley Goforth's new website. Every single project is pin worthy. When I saw the above picture, I said out loud, at my computer - 'that's effing great!' Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

- I posted on Instagram about how I am going to be trying out some R+F products. Would love to hear if any of you use their products and what you think of them!

Enjoy your weekend! Hope you are able to take a moment to pause and send some thanks out not only for the long weekend, but also to the men and women who have given their lives in service to our country.

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