good work, girlfriend: Hallie Henley Design


When I lived in Houston, I was lucky to be a part of a fabulous book club. And in that fabulous book club was a fabulous girlfriend who also happens to be a very talented designer - Hallie Henley Sims.

I remember the first time I walked into Hallie's apartment and I thought - WOW! I knew back then that she had a real, unique eye for interiors and the same is true today. Hallie has struck out on her own and founded Hallie Henley Design. She recently updated her portfolio and I have been poring over every image.

Hallie's work demonstrates what I think the most important aspect of interior design is - the mix

And her attention to detail ---> perfection.

Her work shows an incredible range and illustrates the idea that a good decorator can make most 'styles' work! When you hire a designer, it is mostly about working with someone who has a high taste level and can make your home the best it can be- while making it feel like YOU at the same time.

I know that Hallie's is a style I will keep looking to for inspiration for years to come. For lack of a better sentiment - girlfriend has got skills! See the rest of her work here.

Rodan + Fields: my experience


When I was contacted by a friend to try Rodan+Fields and write about it here on the blog, I was very excited. I had heard about alot about R+F, and was eager to see if it was the real deal when it came to skin care.

Things that made me take note:
1. Do you know anyone who is using R+F? I do, and their skin looks GREAT. There is nothing that will make me want to use a product like being able to see visible results from people I know and trust.

2. R+F was created by the same ladies who created Proactiv. I personally know many people whose skin was completely transformed by Proactiv, so that led me to believe R+F might be able do the same.

3. Learning more about the company totally lent credibility to thinking their products might be the real deal. I am generally wary of products that are sold by direct marketing, but my experience with R+F was not at all similar to experiences I have had in the past.

The process:
I started by taking the Solution Tool to help guide me to the regimen that would best address the issues I have with my skin. I landed on the "Reverse" regimen, which focuses on sun damage, age spots, etc. I've been using the products for about 5 weeks and here is my breakdown:

The Cons:
The steps - the Reverse regimen has 3-4 steps. It takes me about 10 minutes to get through the entire regimen. That is definitely more time than I have given skin care in the past.

The price - these products are more expensive than any skin care I have ever used before. Please take that con with a grain of salt- as all of my 'skincare' up until now has been purchased from drugstores.

The Pros:
It works! That is pretty much the only pro I need.... and it definitely trumps the 'cons' listed above!

After my sample runs out, I will be placing an order. I am so happy with what these products have done for my skin so far. My skin tone has definitely improved, my forehead wrinkles are SO much better and my age spots have lightened. I am just really excited to see how much better it can get from here!

If you have questions or want to know more about the products- feel free contact Laura ( or leave a comment below!
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