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When I lived in Houston, I was lucky to be a part of a fabulous book club. And in that fabulous book club was a fabulous girlfriend who also happens to be a very talented designer - Hallie Henley Sims.

I remember the first time I walked into Hallie's apartment and I thought - WOW! I knew back then that she had a real, unique eye for interiors and the same is true today. Hallie has struck out on her own and founded Hallie Henley Design. She recently updated her portfolio and I have been poring over every image.

Hallie's work demonstrates what I think the most important aspect of interior design is - the mix

And her attention to detail ---> perfection.

Her work shows an incredible range and illustrates the idea that a good decorator can make most 'styles' work! When you hire a designer, it is mostly about working with someone who has a high taste level and can make your home the best it can be- while making it feel like YOU at the same time.

I know that Hallie's is a style I will keep looking to for inspiration for years to come. For lack of a better sentiment - girlfriend has got skills! See the rest of her work here.

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  1. Hey! I've been away (too long) from actual blogging (as I got caught up microblogging via Twitter). I am excited to rebuild my blogger network so I hope when you can find a minute you visit my blog, A Preponderance of Fashion (<a href="“></a>) and let me know you passed through.

    Anyway,I love the silver couch in the interior you posted here. I recently redid my living room and considered getting a new gray couch but realized I'm still too in love with my brown leather chesterfield so I used mixed metallics to brighten it up along with a dark gray accent wall with lighter grays on the other walls and a silver velvet runner on the sofa table :)

    Z Gallerie posted to on their instagram, :)


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