I'm not...


... but if I were (or had a client that was).... it would definitely look like this....

That's pretty much it for today. Hope you are having a great week!

OMM: pelmet boxes


Pelmet boxes are on my mind today. I recently approached a client with the idea of using a great pelmet box/curtain combo in her open living and dining space and lucky for me - she loved the idea! And, lucky for them, her husband is going to MAKE THEM.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - a handy husband is worth his weight in gold.

Something about pelmet boxes makes a room just feel more finished and intentional. See? 

We will be shooting for a look similar to:


Just something simple and streamlined. Will definitely report back on this one :)

one space, two boards


It feels like all I am doing on this ole blog is sharing design boards... hope that's OK with you all! I definitely will share 'real' spaces as I have them, but for now I have plans. And plans are fun.

I created two boards for a client who is looking to update her living space. There are a few items that she has that we definitely want to keep and work with (coffee table, side table, rug). So I created the plans around those items.

And here is take two:

Isn't it funny how changing a few things changes the entire look? Hope you are having a great week!

guest bedroom vanity


After living with our guest bedroom for a couple months, I realized that rearranging the room would be a much better use of the space. So before the holidays, I started making some tweaks. There is now a space in the room that is perfect for a little vanity area. And seeing Cece Thompson's home in Matchbook Mag this month gave me the kick in the rear I needed to get going on pulling my own vanity together.

Hers is very similar to what I had envisioned for our guest room.

But here is my take on it:

I know it will be a space I utilize a lot once it is done, so I'm excited to get going! Will definitely share the entire room once it is a bit more pulled together. Hope you guys are having an awesome week :)

client work: dallas glam


Over the holidays, I was able to meet with a frient (friend+client) in Dallas. She and her sweet Hub have a new house that needs to feel like a home. We will be working on many spaces, but the living room is first priority.

Here are my initial thoughts:

As a courtesy to my clients, I will decline sharing source information. If you’re interested in my services - I would love to hear from you! Contact me at emilydavisinteriors@gmail.com.

I am thinking glam, but livable. I just feel like they are a glamorous couple, their home needs to reflect that.... while still being comfortable! The living space is open to the entry, dining and kitchen, so want to stick with mostly neutrals, using some pops of color here and there. Already off to a great start with the score of these.

It's safe to say that I'm pretty excited about this project :)

Have a great week!



Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season was a blessed and restful one. The hubs, Dais and I returned home yesterday after traveling for about two weeks. We were so lucky to be able to spend Christmas and New Years with friends and family in Dallas, and we also traveled to Guatemala for my sister's wedding. Our holiday were absolutely magical, and I'm definitely sad it is over.

But with the end of the holidays brings a new year. And I am one of those people who thinks it is important to take time at the beginning of the year to visualize what I would like the coming year to look like. And in the spirit of keeping myself accountable, I thought I would share my thoughts here.

Call them resolutions, goals or whatever you would like. Here is what I am striving for in 2014.

Grow my business 
2013 was good, but I'm going to make 2014 great. I am so thankful for the support and clients I have received thus far, but there is always room for growth. To achieve the overarching resolution, I have outlined few individual goals/milestones to hit. Being specific and breaking things down into smaller steps will help me know how I'm progressing toward the overall goal.

Keep my exercise habit going
Maybe the most universal resolution in the history of new years resolutions? Perhaps. But my health is something I don't take lightly. In 2013, I did a pretty good job of exercising and eating right and I'm definitely looking to keep that going this year.

Start a book club
Reading is something that I truly enjoy. Since moving back to Tulsa, I've been wanting to get a group of gals together who feel the same way I do about books, I just haven't done it yet. The book club I was part of in Houston was so fun and I hope I can recreate that here.

Less TV time
I watch too much TV. More notably, I watch too much crappy TV. Cutting down on this bad habit will leave more time for other things - house projects, blogging, reading, etc. I can and will kick my TV habit this year.

Find a church we love
We've been trying out various churches around Tulsa over the past few months. This year, I hope we find our fit and get involved in a meaningful way.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope this year brings you health, happiness and many blessings. Thanks for following along :)
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