Miss Flo progress : family room pt. 2


A few months back, I shared some of the progress we've made on our family room. But I pretty much only showed one side of this room because the other side was ROUGH. But, with the addition of some pretty ghost chairs, a new tv console, the mad cord hiding skills of my Hub and roughly 6 months after moving in - this room is looking great! {if I do say so myself}

Other side:

I chose the ghost chairs because they are super light and easily moved around. I was slightly hesitant about bringing them to the Hubs for approval because they can be seen as girly. BUT he really likes them too, mostly because I think he recognizes that they bring form and function - score!

The TV console is Ikea .... in case you hadn't recognized it from the 125 other homes you've seen it in ;) But - at the risk of being ostracized by the design community - I really love this piece! It has beautiful, clean lines. It's a gorgeous, rich color. It can be personalized to your tastes (switching the pulls/O'verlays/paint). And it's inexpensive. What's not to love? You can see the way I personalized ours was simply switching out the pulls for some more decorative brass rings. Super simple and cheap tweak that changes the whole look.

If you saw this pic on Insta, then you know finding the right boxwood balls was kind of an issue. But these are perfect and totally worth the wait.

This room epitomizes what I say about decorating - fill a room with things you love and it will just work. I really do love every piece in this room. And stylistically they might not all 'go' together - but I honestly prefer it that way.

Next up for this room is figuring out a way to disguise the alarm pad. And a custom dog bed for my sweet nugget... she obviously deserves it :)

 Hope you all are having a great week!

Hobby Lobby favorites


Hobby Lobby is a great resource for me. Not only do I often go there for my own decorating and DIY projects, but I also recommend many of their items to clients.

Just like any store, I don't love everything that they offer (different strokes for different folks, ya know?) BUT - I do absolutely love many of their offerings. Including the following:

1 - Their blue and white collection is to die for. I have many pieces in my own home. Mixed in with vintage finds- you wouldn't guess that they are super inexpensive!

2 - The star burst mirrors are like a secret weapon for me. They look great in pretty much every space I've used them in.

3 - The framing department is bomb. I love many of their ready made and matted frames. But their custom department is always great to work with, too. And again, the most cost effective option.

Honorable mention: ribbon department, party supplies and canvases.

I also love that Hobby Lobby is an Oklahoma company. And I have never had a bad experience with employees at their stores. No matter where I am shopping - Tulsa, St. Louis, Dallas--- they have always been super helpful and friendly. Makes my Okie heart proud!

Tell me... What are your favorite Hobby Lobby items?? Hope you all are having a great week!

OMM: navy bedroom


Did you read my post earlier this week? Just want to say that I'm officially done being a brat and and moving forward. And soooooooooo - it's been on my mind lately that having a navy bedroom could be a good idea. And I'm certainly not the first person to think this.


Here are the reasons why I am navy would be perfect for our master:

1. Cohesive paint scheme. Throughout our house the walls and trim are BM Carrington Beige. That is, everywhere except in the front guest bedroom and our master bedroom. The previous owners painted the doors and trim in those two rooms white. For someone who craves a cohesive paint scheme, this isn't going to work. So, because 1- I like the Carrington Beige and 2- I would rather NOT paint the trim in the entire house, just the two bedrooms, I plan to paint the trim back to the CB. And a great navy is gorg with the beige. And will provide a great amount of contrast to the beige that is happening everywhere else.

2. I have also been obsessing over this fabric and it could make a fabulous focal pillow on the bed.

3. It's so cozy looking! And I'm really not worried that it will be too dark. We have our huge white headboard, white bedding and a white bench. And I love the idea of our dark dresser on the dark wall. Also loving the idea of bringing in some more brass/mirrored elements....

See? It's going to be fab.  Now I just have to get the all important Hubby approval......

on setbacks.


I totally understand why people never get around to decorating or finishing the decorating of their houses. Because sometimes - things just go WRONG. And it's crazy annoying. Makes you just want to throw your hands up in the air, wonder why you even bother, and then sit down and enjoy a  dirty martini instead of perusing the 34th website trying to find the right pillow fringe. Or something like that.

My particular example of this has to do with my favorite art piece that lives at Miss Flo. You can see more of said art piece here and here.

I love this piece. It's sentimental, a great focal point over our fireplace and a very proud DIY. So you can imagine my horror when I found this:

Brown CRAP just alllllll over it. Don't know what it is. Don't know how it got there. But what I did know in that moment was my favorite art piece was ruined and will have to be completely re-done. Couple that with my (still) super long house 'to-do' list and the feeling that there is never enough time, money or energy to get everything done for the house that I would like to do..... and it's a recipe for Sunday afternoon tears. Anyone with me on the Dane Cook "I did my best" feeling?! I. was. there.

Let me be clear- I recognize this isn't a 'real' problem. I do know that real problems exist and crying over something so trivial is silly. Yeah, I totally get that. Do I feel a little bit, again - silly, by being reduced to tears over something that can be replaced? Yes.  But I still think it's valid to just get SO flipping frustrated by shiz like this. This was something that I loved, brought me genuine joy and that was mentally checked off my list months ago. Not to mention I put alot of time, thought and effort into my home, so the thought of having to re-do it is just aggravating! Crazy aggravating! God bless my Husband for putting up with my crazy. Decor related meltdowns are understandably outside of his realm of normal -- but he dealt like a champ.

So today, all of you out there who have been putting off decor related tasks due to the frustration that often comes along with the process - I totally got you. Let's get a martini.
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