on setbacks.


I totally understand why people never get around to decorating or finishing the decorating of their houses. Because sometimes - things just go WRONG. And it's crazy annoying. Makes you just want to throw your hands up in the air, wonder why you even bother, and then sit down and enjoy a  dirty martini instead of perusing the 34th website trying to find the right pillow fringe. Or something like that.

My particular example of this has to do with my favorite art piece that lives at Miss Flo. You can see more of said art piece here and here.

I love this piece. It's sentimental, a great focal point over our fireplace and a very proud DIY. So you can imagine my horror when I found this:

Brown CRAP just alllllll over it. Don't know what it is. Don't know how it got there. But what I did know in that moment was my favorite art piece was ruined and will have to be completely re-done. Couple that with my (still) super long house 'to-do' list and the feeling that there is never enough time, money or energy to get everything done for the house that I would like to do..... and it's a recipe for Sunday afternoon tears. Anyone with me on the Dane Cook "I did my best" feeling?! I. was. there.

Let me be clear- I recognize this isn't a 'real' problem. I do know that real problems exist and crying over something so trivial is silly. Yeah, I totally get that. Do I feel a little bit, again - silly, by being reduced to tears over something that can be replaced? Yes.  But I still think it's valid to just get SO flipping frustrated by shiz like this. This was something that I loved, brought me genuine joy and that was mentally checked off my list months ago. Not to mention I put alot of time, thought and effort into my home, so the thought of having to re-do it is just aggravating! Crazy aggravating! God bless my Husband for putting up with my crazy. Decor related meltdowns are understandably outside of his realm of normal -- but he dealt like a champ.

So today, all of you out there who have been putting off decor related tasks due to the frustration that often comes along with the process - I totally got you. Let's get a martini.


  1. Love you sis! We get to relax on the beach this weekend, so don't worry about anything! Life.is.good.

    1. You are right! VERY excited for this weekend :)


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