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Hobby Lobby is a great resource for me. Not only do I often go there for my own decorating and DIY projects, but I also recommend many of their items to clients.

Just like any store, I don't love everything that they offer (different strokes for different folks, ya know?) BUT - I do absolutely love many of their offerings. Including the following:

1 - Their blue and white collection is to die for. I have many pieces in my own home. Mixed in with vintage finds- you wouldn't guess that they are super inexpensive!

2 - The star burst mirrors are like a secret weapon for me. They look great in pretty much every space I've used them in.

3 - The framing department is bomb. I love many of their ready made and matted frames. But their custom department is always great to work with, too. And again, the most cost effective option.

Honorable mention: ribbon department, party supplies and canvases.

I also love that Hobby Lobby is an Oklahoma company. And I have never had a bad experience with employees at their stores. No matter where I am shopping - Tulsa, St. Louis, Dallas--- they have always been super helpful and friendly. Makes my Okie heart proud!

Tell me... What are your favorite Hobby Lobby items?? Hope you all are having a great week!

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