Miss Flo progress : family room pt. 2


A few months back, I shared some of the progress we've made on our family room. But I pretty much only showed one side of this room because the other side was ROUGH. But, with the addition of some pretty ghost chairs, a new tv console, the mad cord hiding skills of my Hub and roughly 6 months after moving in - this room is looking great! {if I do say so myself}

Other side:

I chose the ghost chairs because they are super light and easily moved around. I was slightly hesitant about bringing them to the Hubs for approval because they can be seen as girly. BUT he really likes them too, mostly because I think he recognizes that they bring form and function - score!

The TV console is Ikea .... in case you hadn't recognized it from the 125 other homes you've seen it in ;) But - at the risk of being ostracized by the design community - I really love this piece! It has beautiful, clean lines. It's a gorgeous, rich color. It can be personalized to your tastes (switching the pulls/O'verlays/paint). And it's inexpensive. What's not to love? You can see the way I personalized ours was simply switching out the pulls for some more decorative brass rings. Super simple and cheap tweak that changes the whole look.

If you saw this pic on Insta, then you know finding the right boxwood balls was kind of an issue. But these are perfect and totally worth the wait.

This room epitomizes what I say about decorating - fill a room with things you love and it will just work. I really do love every piece in this room. And stylistically they might not all 'go' together - but I honestly prefer it that way.

Next up for this room is figuring out a way to disguise the alarm pad. And a custom dog bed for my sweet nugget... she obviously deserves it :)

 Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. looove the antelope rug... the louis ghost chairs.... AND that sectional. Is it from Nell Hills in KC? I saw a gorgeous one when I was visiting there last weekend

    1. Thanks girlfriend! The sectional is actually from a place in Houston (Heights area) called Chic Warehouse. You might swing in there- SO many options and incredible price point.


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