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Did you read my post earlier this week? Just want to say that I'm officially done being a brat and and moving forward. And soooooooooo - it's been on my mind lately that having a navy bedroom could be a good idea. And I'm certainly not the first person to think this.


Here are the reasons why I am navy would be perfect for our master:

1. Cohesive paint scheme. Throughout our house the walls and trim are BM Carrington Beige. That is, everywhere except in the front guest bedroom and our master bedroom. The previous owners painted the doors and trim in those two rooms white. For someone who craves a cohesive paint scheme, this isn't going to work. So, because 1- I like the Carrington Beige and 2- I would rather NOT paint the trim in the entire house, just the two bedrooms, I plan to paint the trim back to the CB. And a great navy is gorg with the beige. And will provide a great amount of contrast to the beige that is happening everywhere else.

2. I have also been obsessing over this fabric and it could make a fabulous focal pillow on the bed.

3. It's so cozy looking! And I'm really not worried that it will be too dark. We have our huge white headboard, white bedding and a white bench. And I love the idea of our dark dresser on the dark wall. Also loving the idea of bringing in some more brass/mirrored elements....

See? It's going to be fab.  Now I just have to get the all important Hubby approval......


  1. LOVE it! I think navy is wonderful, and I agree it would be smashing in your master!

  2. I totally miss my navy bedroom from my bachelorette pad. As soon we find a new home I have a feeling it will return either as bedroom or dining room or both, ha! Such a comforting and classic color!


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