Inspired to Incorporated: 7


When you find a pic of an outfit you like online, you don't have to have the EXACT pieces to recreate it. Think about what you have in your closet that keeps the idea the same, because putting your own spin on it makes it more fun. I made this casual outfit that Taylor wore more 'work-ish' by adding a collared shirt. And my green army 'jacket' isn't a jacket at all- I just layered an army green top. Same idea, but I didn't have to run out and buy something new to recreate this look!
Trying to grow out your bangs is a tough process, folks. This hair twist really helps.


Coral jacket, striped t, turquoise earrings. Check. Except, my striped t has a slightly higher neckline :) ooooooh, S! Not the most modestly dressed TV character, but I still love her style.

And let me be clear- I am NOT a food blogger/chef. But every now and then I will prepare dinner for my husband. I generally don't make anything that has more than 6 ingredients, so when I saw this hummus/chicken pizza I figured I could work it in (because I bought a pre-made whole wheat crust. Sorry I'm not sorry). 5 ingredients and in the oven. Hummus, I added extra virgin olive oil, bell peppers, rotisserie chicken pieces and mozzarella cheese and you can call me Giada.

My pic is pre-oven...

What have you found online that has inspired you lately?


  1. Oooh I love! I have nothing coral in my closet and this girl has decided she needs some asap ! You are fab by the way! Also, I am growing out my annoying side bangs! grrrrr!
    Emily, I would love it if you followed my little blog!

    Sarah xx

  2. Very impressed how you incorporated this looks, I would need to shop 1st!!

  3. Hi, Emily! I just found your blog and I love it! I'm so happy I found you! Count me as your newest follower/fan. :)
    This post is so cool, I get inspired so much by pictures I see, too. But I usually don't have what it takes to recreate the outfit already in my wardrobe. :( But that's what shopping is for, right?
    Have a beautiful day!

    P.S. You are so beautiful! I love your "about me" picture. :)

  4. You ladies are too sweet! Thanks for your comments :)



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