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While perusing Refinery29 yesterday, I came across a slideshow for their 30 fall essentials. I was so happy to see that some things that I have been thinking about for fall made their list. So, with Labor Day being this weekend (aka the unofficial end of summer) we can all finally get serious about fall shopping.

I wanted to share some of their essentials with you that are my favs, and point you in the direction of some places you can get these pieces at great prices!

Chunky striped sweater- totally agree.

I found another option from Old Navy that I think is even cuter! And def. a better price.

Low booties- I haven't gotten these, BUT I did get some fabulous wedge booties that I posted about here, so I think they count.

Another option at a great price are these Blowfish booties- LOVE this color.

Next- the polka dot blouse.

Going back to Old Navy for this one. I like the sleeveless option, makes an easy transition back to warmer temps.

A trend that I find very interesting...  loafter heels. I like it because they are super profecional (made up word) for the work place.

This LC Lauren Conrad option is great- again, looove this color and a great price point if you don't want to fully commit.

The trench/cape... maybe my fav. trend for fall and one that can easily be worn in spring.

Loving this one from, where else? F21.

Red dresses. As I have posted about before, I love me some RED.

This dolman sleeve dress from Target might be the best find today...

See the whole Refinery29 slideshow here.

Unfortunately, I am on a shopping sabbatical until our Chicago trip. So I hope some of you partake in the fruits of my online shopping labor!

What trends are you excited to wear this fall? Any big plans for the Labor Day weekend??

xoxo, Emily


  1. Cute cute finds! I need to put myself on a shopping sabbatical, but it can be so tough with so many great places to shop!

    I wanted to tell you that Topshop is opening this next week (9/8) on N Michigan Ave near Water Tower Place in case you're interested in adding that to your list of places to go while you're here! :)

  2. Thanks love! I will DEFINITELY have to put that on the list! xo

  3. I looove this post! Fall clothes really make me giddy. As you know, I've been making the most of what I've got lately & on a shopping sabbatical myself, but I'm thinking I can indulge in a few items for the new season! My fave items on the list are definitely a capelet (would love a tweed or plaid), new bold eyewear, loafers (always love a good loafer) & a colored structured bag.

    I was at ON the other day & tried that b&w sweater on - didn't look right on me, but it was so cute I wanted it to work. They also had a really cute black pleated mini - another one on R29's list!

  4. I think the rule is "1 item in= 1 item out"... if you follow this, don't you think you will be okay?? I would love to help you look for your fall items! xo!

  5. Em, It's Jessica (Howley) Otis! Ok so I have a question.... I am totally loving the fall fashion busting out! So I love the skinny jean look with the chunky sweater and the little booties, the problem is that is not totally work appropriate.... I begging for a comfy, casual, work look that I can rock. Similar to a weekend look, cause I am a teacher I don't want like suits and dresses everyday. HELP!! Thanks, J

  6. Hi love! So good to hear from you! OK SO. I have the same problem and is this how I remedy it. One- LOVE skinny jeans. But skinnies come in other forms, that are super comfy and can read as 'dressed up'... I recently got this pair from Gap and they are fab. I wear them like pretty much every day! And, they totally work with booties. Also, I think an easy way to make various outfits more work appropriate are with accessories. If you are wearing a somewhat slouchy top, belt it! A great skinny belt can dress up a more casual top pretty easily. My fav is my jcrew leopard belt. Add some pearls (because I know you are a pearl lover) and you are good to go! I also love long skirts at work, because they are SO comfortable, but can be dressed up with a collared button up and blazer.

    Hope this helps!! Send me an email if you want/need any more suggestions!! xoxo


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