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Since we moved into Miss Flo, I've been wanting to create something like this for our non-functioning fireplace. And unfortunately, this feeble attempt has been hanging out for the past few months. Until last week when this pin renewed my enthusiasm. And now, we have this!

Here is how we (myself and my handy Hubby) created our stacked log fireplace screen. Not sure if you non-Tulsans are aware, but we had a crazy storm a few weeks back. This storm downed alot of trees, limbs, etc. So, we went on a limb-hunting trip. I was looking for lighter colored, round wood. These sycamore limbs fit the bill:

Then, my resident handy man cut them down into about 3-4 inch long pieces (thanks for lending us your saw, Emily & David!)

As he was cutting, I was arranging the pieces onto a piece of cardboard that I had drawn the dimensions of our fireplace out on.

This was helpful because I knew which size pieces I needed more of along the way. After getting all of the pieces arranged, we went to Lowes and got a piece of plywood cut into the dimensions we needed.  I painted the plywood black and after it dried, I transferred the pieces from the cardboard to the plywood.

Then, I glued them down one by one.

We let them dry overnight. Because I wanted to make sure they were super duper secure, we started securing them with nails from the back of the plywood.

But the hammering made a bunch of the pieces fall off, so we quickly abandoned that practice. I figure if any piece falls off, I'll just glue it back on. C also rigged up this way for it to stand in the fireplace:

But as we were putting it in the fireplace, we found it could just wedge in there pretty well and be fine without the stand. A happy accident, really.

We are SUPER happy with this project! Really inexpensive, and really chic looking.

This room is coming together really well!

Next up for this space - art and custom pillows!

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  1. whoa!!! looks amazing! congrats and very clever:)


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