To paint or not to paint...


After seeing this post on the Emily A. Clark blog, I was really excited! I never knew that you could actually paint upholstery before. And Kristy from Hyphen Interiors had such great results when she painted her wingback chair.

Emily A. Clark

So, it got me thinking about our wingback...

When we got married we were really fortunate to inherit some great pieces of furniture from our parents, and this is one of them. It really is an awesome chair. Well built, classic lines, etc.

I have been thinking (for about 2 years now...) that I want to reupholster it. But it really isn't a cost effective option. Like, I could buy a new chair for the cost it would take to get fabric and pay for the labor of reupholstering this one. So I was really excited to learn about the painting option.

So now... the question is... what color? It needs to be a darker color in order to be able to cover the navy and the white. Call me crazy, but I am thinking RED. All of our furniture is super neutral and safe, so it could be a nice change? What do you all think? Ideas?

xoxo, Emily

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  1. Paint, paint, paint! Loving the red idea. I have two wing back chairs with scenes from a library on it that I've been wanting to redo since we've been married, but slipcovers don't fit, and I agree that reupholstering is not cost effective!


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